21 October, 2020

Your kids' dental health during the pandemic

dental offices can reopen in Oregon starting tomorrow and dentists nationwide are now preparing to go back into a very new working environment dr.

Kevin Donnelly is the president of the American Academy of pediatric dentistry he joins us live this morning to talk about what new precautions are being taken for when you will eventually have to take your kids back to the dentist doctor good morning good morning so I want to talk with you here about what's precautions are being taken I know we have a lot of Oregonians looking at their dental clinics that could reopen tomorrow wondering when is it safe to go back to the dentist well I want you to know that there's just been a lot of safety precautions put in place as states begin to open their dental clinics including pediatric dentistry clinics and I know the American Academy pediatric dentistry has gone to great efforts to develop what they call their practice checklist for re-entering your practice safely states have done the same most of these are based off of the American Dental Association guidelines and guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and these are all safety precautions to make it safe for our patients their parents and for our staff you know we've gotten a lot of questions from families here about dental emergencies parents wondering what exactly is a dental emergency should I take my kids to the ER should I go to a dental clinic so what should parents do and yeah what are those things that really you should not be ignoring right now well we can advise using about three areas one Strama if you take a tumble or bump a tooth and it breaks you really need to see your pediatric dentist right away if you have an infection causing a facial swelling or something like that that really needs to be seen right away because it can affect you know your overall health and the other thing is paying in some tooth thing can be really excruciating and we need to keep kids out of pain and that's an emergen see they come in and do it and you'll see some the safety because as I talked about earlier that are in place people worry more mass more face masks gowns and things like that fewer people for social distancing to keep it safe for you during this emergency care and as we go on to treat non-emergency care yeah and I think that's an important distinction when we talk about dental emergencies families should be looking for an emergency dental clinic right and not just going to a hospital emergency room absolutely I'm glad you said that we're trying to keep kids out of emergency rooms they're overburdened already we want to save those for the people that really need an ER physician and an ER nurse so we want dental emergencies come to our dental offices most of us are open for that or you can get online and find out the hours that they are available in get appointments so as far as those standard 6-month dental check-ups those regular cleanings is that something family should be looking to put off right now and if they do how do we keep up on kids oral health at home well as we go into non emergent care I think the first thing most dentists are gonna do is take care of all that urgent care you know we've been doing emergency care for six weeks but there's some urgent care that really needs to be taken care of before it turns into emergencies and from there on then I think we are right around the corner from summer and that's when you look at kids going to see their pediatrician for their routine anal exam before school the same thing with their pediatric dentists so I think people can feel comfortable with our new safety precautions that they can go back for routine fillings and for cleanings and everything else with the new safety precautions were taken okay we appreciate the updates dr.

Donnelly thank you so much for joining us this morning and stay healthy to you and yours as well.

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