5 December, 2020

Why Trump Should Urge Stay-At-Home Order In Florida | Morning Joe | MSNBC

I'm dr.

Emmanuel I did want to ask you about a question that was posed at the news conference yesterday which is this if we had put in place if the federal government had put in place mitigation efforts earlier if the federal government had taken this more seriously a month ago two months ago would we not be looking at this staggering curve that shows the potential for 100, 000 to 240 thousand deaths as you point out in a best-case scenario so I'll ask you that question if we had taken this seriously as a federal government much earlier what would that number look like compared to what it is today well it's I mean again the hundred thousand to 250 is a best-case scenario I'm not a modeler and I'm not privileged to the modeling at the moment but it's certainly again remember part of it is how heidecker is how many people died part of it is how much it's spread out so you don't have the mayhem you have in New York City hospitals at the moment it's certainly the case two months ago if we had done these social distancing measures in this physical distancing mitigation measures we would have probably been able to keep that peak much lower and spread it out so we wouldn't have chaos the fighting for ventilators the lack of PPE and all the other things that have come with it the exact peak Willie I can't tell you what it would have been but it probably would have been fifty to a hundred thousand out there and it would have been spread out we would have had this surge which I think again we have to remember that's just as important and we wouldn't have a worst-case scenario of being two million which I think again people are not talking about but that's a real admission by the president and the White House that if this thing if we don't actually act we could have basically double the number of Americans who die in a year and I think that if there's anything that should be sobering and really make people fearful it's that number that this is what happens if if Florida is the norm and we don't adopt what has happened in Seattle or San Francisco as the norm and I think that's well you know that's the choice we have yeah well if if Ron DeSantis mr.

president is too much of a coward to shut down the state of Florida on his own you need to give him a call today and tell him to shut down the state of Florida are there going to be a lot of dead senior citizens that are going to have to be buried over the next several months because of this inaction and that science that's data that's not politics it's Republicans as well as Democrats independents that are going to die people in the greatest generation a lot of them who were born in World War two who grew up like my parents during our born during the Great Depression and grew up were young during the World War two and helped build the American Century those are the people who were being betrayed and abandoned right now because the governor of the state of Florida won't shut down beaches and sandbars and I tell you last weekend though you guys saw pictures from last weekend the sandbars were still packed and by the way mr.

president a lot of Trump flags on the boats at the sandbars with people acting like total jackasses infecting each other taking those infections home infecting their parents and infecting their grandparents and sending them to hospitals think about that that's not good that's happening every weekend in Florida the recklessness is just unbelievable so please call Ron de santis since he doesn't have a backbone apparently since he still can't see everything that's been happening over the past couple of months and still won't do what is required to save senior citizens from from this hellish end to their life dying alone dying alone give him a call today mr.

president and tell him to do the right thing and shut down Florida this impacts you too if you if you don't want to do it for the right reason do it for the political reason so Jim VandeHei we all know what a mess Florida is and it's a state I certainly know an awful lot about you know an awful lot about the state of Wisconsin I haven't heard a whole lot coming out of Wisconsin as far as reckless behavior a lot of Floridians still don't get it because of the president and because of Ron de santis what about in Wisconsin how for the most part what are you hearing out of out of your home state it's not been hit as hard as others they're certainly having a very similar directives from the governor there Michigan's getting hit a lot harder right now than the state of Wisconsin is but any state whether it's DeSantis or anyone else you got your directive last night named the last time that a president of the United States stood before the American people in warned with specificity the number of people that are going to die and then followed it up with the precise steps that you have to take to be able to avoid it he doesn't need a call who needs a call from the president the president is basically endorsed what's going on in New York this isn't again it's not science it's not rocket science you know now exactly what you have to be able to do and history won't forget yesterday it was an astonishing press conference where you had the press of the United States telling us grimly darkly in a somber tone we've never seen before from him that death is coming and it's coming fast and that individuals it is rare like well how many times can we individually do something to decrease the chances that someone else dies like you actually have that opportunity and now everybody has to do it or as dr.

Emanuel said 250 might have been wishful thinking like those decisions that are being made today and you guys are right you should keep picking at what happened the last two months and for people who say oke stop harping on the past the reason that you have to harp on the past is that this will happen again there are steps that you could write down in a book they were already written down in a book by the way of what you have to do if a pandemics coming how do you have to mobilize your industry how do you have to be able to move into lockdown how do you have to mobilize the federal government this stuff is known and now it's even more known and hopefully people now put this into practice going forward and yeah we do have to continue keeping the pressure on you know I I've been calling for I'll just say it I've been calling friends in the White House for a couple of weeks now begging them to do two weeks ago what they did yesterday begging them to be more serious as you know I when I came on this show I irritated a lot of people by encouraging the president agreeing that we're all in the same team when he held press conferences where he seemed to understand the gravity of this we talked about that in the positive sense but while there was gravity yesterday what happens today what happens tomorrow is he going to continue behaving that way like a president who is facing one of the grimmest months in the history of our republic let us hope so because Willie here's what we know according to the president and according to dr.

Burks and according to dr.

Fauci this is what we know we know more Americans are going to die in April then died on 9/11 we know more Americans are going to die in April died in the Revolutionary War the war of 1812 World War one most likely Vietnam go back to the Korean War our decade in Afghanistan in fact you can add up most of those wars other than World War one and more people are going to die in the month of April from this pandemic that the president has Allies dismissed is the flu that Rush Limbaugh dismissed as the flu that everybody that that sucked up to Donald Trump dismissed as an exaggerated hoax this is this is what we are facing in this coming month and it's the most sobering part of it as so look at there's more people going to die this month and died on September 11th the Afghanistan war the Iraq war and the Vietnam War just from this and and myka the it actually this is the best-case scenario right if we do everything right if Florida shuts down and if everybody shuts down 102 forty-thousand it's the best case scenario and that'd be worse the president says he closed the borders he knew about it that every time he talks about closing the borders he lets us know each own put together a team perhaps refill the pandemic office that he emptied out he chose not to stock up on masks and supplies he's telling us that he knew about this and did nothing every time he talks about the one thing he did Willie he didn't even close the borders the correct way with China I know there are a lot of people media's at Ohio did Democrats how dare you close war close the borders for God's sake I mean that's that's that's just not hard to figure out clothes of workers from China and and yet it was piecemeal and yet it was pee smell like you know he set their time at the wall and all this other stuff when he should have been talking about testing when he I said time and time again just shut the damn borders and get us tests just shut the damn quarters and separate us just shut the damn borders and like do your job and Willie again those numbers those those aren't the worst-case scenarios those are the best-case scenarios if we do everything right from here on out it's an incredible context that those numbers put it in the best-case scenario that we've laid out you're into World War two American casualties if it keeps going the way dr.

Emanuel is describing if we don't all lock down your target starting to talk about World War two numbers eventually which is even more astounding but I guess I would just say obviously all the lost time has cost lives we've known Donald Trump for a long time I think the way to tell him this is your word is so powerful 60 million people voted for you all those people flying your flags defiantly on the sand bars and saying we're gonna stay out and party in the middle of this they listen to you they follow you to the ends of the earth so whatever you say we wish you'd said a bunch of different things over the last three months but you haven't you have to tell the people who listened to every word you're say how serious this is right now and how important it is not to their health but to their family's health to their neighbor's health that they stay inside that they listen to these rules the president's word it's very powerful whether or not you agree with his words he needs to speak out clearly like he did yesterday and continue to speak out clearly and not be distracted by fights with the media or conspiracy theories about hospital stealing masks any of that stuff stay focused stay on message the people who love you that people who follow you the people who voted for you they will listen to pay men they need to hear from you today mr.

president like they heard from you yesterday you need to speak directly to them and you need to speak to Ron DeSantis directly your word is gold with him you can save lives that have that have already been put in jeopardy by what's happened in the past but you can stop this from getting worse by calling Ron DeSantis today and telling him to stop his reckless behavior and shut down the state of Florida thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day's biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more from morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching.

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