17 January, 2021

When The U.S. President Represents A Global Health Crisis | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

the president literally said this last night he said when you test you have a case when you test you find something is wrong with people if we didn't do any testing we would have very few cases I know you think that I am being hyperbolic and making fun

of him and I'm making that out but I am serious he actually said exactly that when you test you have a case when you test you find something is wrong with people if we didn't do any testing we whatever a few cases if we didn't do any testing

we would have very few cases no actually if we didn't do any testing we would still have lots of cases we just wouldn't know about them which would be bad if you happen to be a human being or at least some kind of being that recognizes that people

who get this thing are human beings and human beings generally choose to avoid unnecessary suffering illness suffocation pain death and mourning if we didn't do any testing we would have very few cases that's the line from the president right now that's the way we make our cases go

away we stop testing for them that's the way we make houses stop burning down we closed the fire department then the data that says how many fires we've responded to goes to zero we haven't had any fire responses at all there's also no more houses left there the

president went on to say today quote it could be that testing frankly is overrated could that be because they cannot figure out how to get anybody outside the freaking White House tested on any regular basis this is a terrible time for us to have a terrible government both

in the persona of the president who suggests you know injecting bleach and that testing is the real problem and that viruses magically disappear and we don't need vaccines it's a terrible time to have a terrible government in the persona of the President and in terms of what he

can do to the rest of the government and in terms of what he has done already to public health to the CDC you should see this editorial that ran today in the revered ancient british medical journal the lancet it's called revived the US CDC sometimes people outside our

borders can see these things more clearly than we can quote the covert 19 pandemic continues to worsen in the US a prompting pointed new questions about the inconsistent and incoherent national response to the kovat 19 crisis there the US Centers for Disease Control the flagship agency for the

nation's public health has seen its role minimized and become an ineffective and nominal advisor in the response to contain the spread of the virus this is an agency that was once regarded as the gold standard for global disease detection and control in the decades following its founding in

1946 the CDC became a national pillar of Public Health and globally respected it trained cadres of applied epidemiologists to be deployed in the USA and abroad CDC scientists have helped to discover new viruses and develop accurate tests for them the Trump administration's erosion of the CDC will harm

global cooperation in science and public health a strong CDC is needed to respond to public health threats both domestic and international and to help prevent the next inevitable pandemic the USA is still nowhere near able to provide the basic surveillance or laboratory testing infrastructure needed to combat the

kovat 19 pandemic the administration is obsessed with magic bullets vaccines new medicines or a hope that the virus will simply disappear but only a steadfast reliance on basic Public Health principles like tests trace and isolate will see the emergency brought to an end and this requires an effective

national public health agency the CDC needs a director who can provide leadership without the threat of being silenced and who has the technical capacity to lead today's complicated effort Americans must put a president in the White House come January 2021 who will understand that public health should not

be guided by partisan politics when who is the President of the United States is one of the world's biggest public health crises that's when you know these are these are very serious times that's The Lancet today in a scathing editorial

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