16 January, 2021

Wendy @ Home: Wednesday , April 8

Live from Wendy's apartment in New York, it's the Wendy Williams show at home.

(upbeat music) Now, here's Wendy.

Hi, how are you doing today? Guess who just left here? Building maintenance.

I didn't even call them.

Apparently it registered downstairs somewhere that my alarm was broken.

I needed a battery, and so no more chirping.

Your chihuahuas and small dogs won't go crazy anymore.

People were actually saying that.

Their animals were going crazy off of my alarm and demanded that I have Boof change it.

Boof is scared of heights, I told you.

Maybe I didn't tell you that.

He's scared of heights, he's not going up there.


Welcome back.

I wanna shout out to my jawline inspiration that I will never have because those days have gone by, plus I wasn't born that sharp in the jaw.

Luenell's daughter, who first of all, you all loved Luenell yesterday.

I appreciate you loving my friend Luenell, but look at this picture.

Look at this picture of her daughter's jaw.

I gotta tell you something.

I told you the only reason that I go to Jersey now is because I go to Livingston to my Dr.

Shapiro, and you know, she does stuff, and I told you, she tightened me up on the show, but look.

I had just gotten this done before all this quarantining happened.

It only lasts for three months.

So I have three months of a tight jaw and nobody can see.

I'm so glad we're back on TV.

Norman? Uh huh.

Do you see a little tightness? Yeah, you got it tight.

Yes, but I'm gonna have to get everything done again once the virus is over so that I can go back to our show in the studio with the same look.

I'm kinda mad that I went and got it done and now we're quarantined, because you know, you put on the face mask, you don't see a jawline.

Nobody's looking at your jaw line.

In the meantime, but at least while walking around the apartment when I pass the many mirrors I have, I can say, hm.

(laughter) I'm having so much fun doing the show from home.

I must tell you.

Yes, chocolate licorice, the breakfast of champions.

All right, here's what's going on.

Mama June, okay, which by the way, I do watch that show on the weekends when it comes on and then I watch it in reruns because they rerun it three o'clock in the morning to be sure that what I saw is actually the trash that I saw.

Mama June, Mama June, what is going on? This is a very sad story.

She's charging 30 dollars for a personalized message.

Hey y'all, what's up? The craziness is back.

I really have missed y'all, and I'm looking forward to reconnecting with y'all.

Just hit me up with some of the shoutouts you all want me to do, and I'll get back to you at my earliest convenience, and I hope that y'all enjoy every shoutout that I'm doing.

Thanks and love ya.

And she says that you can go to the Cameo website.

Now Honey Boo Boo is charging 25 dollars for a personal message, and Pumpkin is charging 20 dollars for a personal message.

So the message could be anything, happy birthday, they'll sing to you, no they don't sing.

This is something that you would pay for, I guess, 30 dollars for John Legend to do it because John Legend is the voice, and then he would give the money away to something good.

We know he's not gonna be buying drugs.

I don't know what Mama June's doing with this money.

We just checked, and to the best of my recollection, she's still with Geno as of last week.

So what do you think they're gonna do with that money? They were last spotted together in Florida, so they aren't even with the family.

They're still on the run, I guess.

She still has the broken, toothless smile.

It's awful.

Now, you know, people are complaining and saying you need to go home to your kids, you need to sober up, you need to get your life together.

Listen, we've all been talking to Mama June in this tone for quite some time.

Mama June's not listening to us, she's listening to Geno and her fix, her crack, her scissor, and whatever else she's doing over there, or gambling, that's what she cares about.

This is all a ledge.

That's what she's listening to.

The way we can boycott is don't participate except for Norman, Norman? Oh, I bought it.

I've got nothing else to do but order videos from Mama June.

Listen, you shake the show's piggy bank and you make it happen, and send the message to the show.

Let's see what she says.

We're back on with a new format temporarily, and see what she does with that.


You know what, do one from her, and I don't know about Pumpkin's.

Get Honey Boo Boo's also.

See what she has to say.

On it, on it.

I saw the cuteset couple on TV the other day, and that would be Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan.

It was Derick Fisher.

Right, well she used to be married to Matt Barnes, now they're not married.

She wants to marry Derrick Fisher, but because of Corona, they had to cancel the wedding.

Well, at least they've got each other.

Remember she was running around twisting and turning for anybody who'd look at her? When I saw her on TV, I was like, wow, I like her.

Now, she had on glasses and a sweatshirt and still looked cute.

She owns a restaurant in southern California and it's still open.

The restaurant's giving food to those who need it, including the frontline workers at hospitals.

Her sister, not the other one, I don't know what she's doing.

There's apparently a sister who never went wayward and she went to nursing school, so she's a nurse.

Well, there's one in every family, you know, Norman.

You have a whole, like look at Pumpkin.

Look at Honey Boo Boo.

I just like them together, that's all, and I know that she fell all the way down, but in this day and age, you gotta have some room for forgiveness for people.

I like them, and Derrick, you did have that DUI back in the day, Gloria was in the car with you, the car flipped over, thank God you weren't all killed.

It landed on its top.

They had to be pried out of the car, okay? Nobody was involved, he just took his lumps for a DUI, and nobody was hurt and nobody was killed.

It happened in the middle of California Highway.

Then, you remember Derrick was messing around with Gloria, and Matt didn't know about it.

Well, first of all, that's a total violation of friendship.

You know, Derrick and, what's his name? Derrick and Matt.

Matt played together at the Lakers right? So they play together and so this means that Gloria had been around Derrick more than a few times.

Were they messing around behind Matt's back at that time? I don't know.

You know how Matt found out about the relationship? This is why you need to keep your kids away from your phone.

Right? Derrick is over at Gloria's house.

The kids are there, her kids.

The phone rings, one of the kids picks up the phone, a little one.

Hello? Hi Daddy, well no, yeah Mommy's here, and so is Uncle Derrick.

Well, I don't know where they are.

Let me knock on the, okay, they're not opening the door.

Yo, Matt jumped in his car, went over there, and the fight was right there.

I understand.

Anyways, all was forgiven.

I like Matt separately, I like those two together.

I like Tiffany Haddish and Common only because he's been lusting, she's been lusting after him for so long, so it appears that they might be quarantining together.

This is how we found out, right? So Cedric the Entertainer was doing, he was doing that comedy thing that Bill Bellini was talking about, you now, deaf comedy thing, and Tiffany was one of the comedians.

So Tiffany opens the door, but Common was right over her shoulder.

Well, that could be like somebody coming to my house right now and knocking on the door and Boof would answer.

(laughter) There's nothing going on but work.

Maybe she's working on music.

She is into that music thing.

She's gonna put out a new single and all like that.

Are they quarantined together? I believe yes, you know.

She talked real girl talk about what she'd do to him, so I guess it's going down.

Tiffany, the thing is, don't fall too hard in love.

Common is not good with women.

That's all I'm saying.

He keeps you until he's done with you.

Excuse me, Norman? Excuse me? I have zero to say about this, nothing.

Why? (laughter) What's his longest girlfriend? What's his longest girlfriend? He was with Angela Rye recently for a while, he was with I believe Erykah Badu I think at one point.

Yes, he was.

Yeah, Cerati, Serena Williams.

Exactly, and who's he with now? He's moved on.

He's what, 48 years old? No kids? 48.

Okay, so what do we have next, Norman? The new hot boy of the entire situation.

People are lusting after you.

How do you feel? They're pawing at you through the computer, men and women.

Do you know how many women would love to flip you right now? They don't care, and you're gold star.

They don't care.

They don't care.

I don't wreak havoc ever.

I don't allow myself to.

I've read it for you.

You know what's going on.

By the way, I know you gave up alcohol for lent.

Are you back into, you know, a little cocktail later on in the day? When I first got quarantined alone, it was a lot, and it was a little too much.

So now it's like I allow myself one day a week to drink.

The interesting thing about you is if there's nothing interesting to show about Norman, he's gonna look the same every way.

He bought a whole box of black T-shirts and that's the way that is.

The painting over his shoulder, Michael Lee, my art director made for Norman's apartment which is a studio, and Norman's got his makeup brush and his purse right there.

So you're not gonna see anything.

Don't ask for a tour.

So what are we doing next, Norms? Oh, oh my gosh, okay, everybody get ready.

Pay close attention because Kate the chemist, you know she's all about her science, she's got her doctorate, she encourages girls to please stay off the pole and get into the sciences.

We need you, we need you.

She's married her last name is Bieberdorf, her husband supports everything that she does.

He's very successful as well.

Please welcome Kate the chemist.

Hi doctor.

Hi, how are you? Well, more importantly, how are you? How's tricks with the science? You can't teach classes, are you doing online classes? What's going on? I am, yeah, so we are in self-isolation.

I am teaching online classes.

It's been quite a unique experience because I usually teach eight AM classes, so I'm trying to ask my 18 year old students to get up at eight AM and do a chemistry class online, but they're rising to it, so I have bright students at the University of Texas.

I'm lucky.

Good, now who's in your house while you're quarantining? I have two dogs, a cat, and a fantastic husband.

Now how are the animals fairing in the quarantine? Do you have enough food? Yeah, we have enough food.

We actually do a service that delivers our food, and luckily, so that's good.

I'm actually really happy that my husband and I are getting along well because I'm such an extrovert and he's such an introvert that I thought I'd be driving him crazy, but we're working on it, so we seem to be good.

We've got a pattern now, got a rhythm, so we're good.


By the way, tell us about your new book.

I have two new books that just came out.

So the first one is the Big Book of Experiments.

There's 25 experiments in there that parents can do safely with their kids in their kitchen like I'm doing right now, and it's awesome because all the material in the book are basically things that you already have in your pantry or in your craft drawer.

Perfect, so what are we doing today? I have two different experiments for you.

Both of these are from my book so I'm gonna start off with a lava lamp.

So the first thing that you guys need at home is you need a soda bottle.

It can be any size.

I just grabbed one liter ones because that's what I had in my recycling bin.

The first thing you're gonna do is add about 400 milliliters of water.

Put it directly in your soda bottle.

After that, you're gonna add some food coloring directly to your water.

I like to make mine really really dark, so just load it up with food coloring, and then give a little smoosh, right, mix it up.

After that, you're gonna add some oil.

So you want a one to one mixture of water to oil.

So if I used about two cups of water, then use about two cups of oil.

You can use any oil you want.

In my book, I recommend baby oil, but honestly, right now I didn't even have that, so I'm using some oil that I found in my garage, but it's science, so it works.

You just gotta make it work.

So the big problem with this is that your lava lamp is gonna form an emulsion, and so your oil and your water is gonna mix together and hopefully you can see it.

So it takes a minute or two to separate.

So we're gonna pretend we're on a cooking show, and ah, here's a new lava lamp that's happened and we have this.

It's already separated.

I made this about 10 minutes ago.

So what I'm gonna do now is I have a funnel.

You don't have to have a funnel, you can just add these effervescent tables, so basically like an Alka-Seltzer tablet.

You're gonna dump it straight into your lava lamp, and what you're going to see is your lava lamp is gonna start to react, and what happens is these tablets basically release carbon dioxide.

Hopefully you guys can see this at home.

The tablets release carbon dioxide, it pulls the water all the way up when the carbon dioxide gets to the top, it pops, and it drops the blue color which is water, and it drops it all the way back down.

So you have a lava lamp, and you can do it over and over and over again, just as long as you have as many Alka-Seltzer tablets.

That's a cute idea.

It's really cute, and this keeps, too.

So if you wanna just have it and then do it again tomorrow and the next day and the next day, you can do that as well.

Excellent, and what's the next experiment? The next experiment is like one of my favorites.

I love this one, it's called the bubble snake.

So what you need is a plastic soda bottle.

Any bottle will do.

I have these small ones because these are the ones I use to breathe fire, but you can use any one.

Basically what you need to do is chop off the edge so you have something that looks like this.

You've got the top here, and you just need about two inches at the top of the soda bottle.

Then what you're gonna do is take an old rag.

You can use any rag that you've got.

You're gonna wrap the cloth around it, use a rubber band to strap that cloth right down.

Oopsies, and then get it nice and tight.

Usually that's not the part I have trouble with.

Okay, there we go.

So now what you're gonna do is you're gonna prep a little bowl.

So in your bowl you're gonna do a two to one mixture of water and dish soap.

So I usually use about a half a cup of water and a quarter cup of dish soap.

Then you give it a big swirl.

The swirling is important because you wanna make sure your dish soap is ready and active to make your bubble snake.

The last thing you're gonna do is take your apparatus and you're gonna add your food coloring in big patterns.

Now if I wasn't doing this on TV, I'd usually use my reds and my pinks with food coloring just because I have those right here, but I wanna make sure you guys can see this, so what you're gonna do is just make patterns on the top of your towel just like that.

So you're gonna see some patterns, and then the fun part.

Dip it into your soap water, let it drain for a second because you're gonna see lots of food coloring come off, take a deep breath.

Oh wow, thanks Kate.

Oh, I'm glad I'm not quarantined with kids.

Speaking of kids, yesterday, I talked to a nice young lady, her name is JC.

She's a huge Wendy watcher, take a look.

Hi! How you doin'? How you quarantining? Hi! They're in Texas, everybody.

Hi Mrs.



Now who do we have here? We have, who do we have? Hi, my name is Jillian and I'm seven and a half.

This is my Mom, Brittany, and this is my little sister JC.

Hi, JC.


Hi, how are you guys? So now JC, they say is the ultimate Wendy watcher at five? Yes, we're doing good quarantine.

JC has an imaginary friend and her name is Wendy Williams.

Yes, she does.

Is it me, Wendy Williams, or that just happen to be her name? Yes.


Wow, JC, so what do we do when we hang out? What do y'all do, you put on lip gloss? Yeah.

You put on lip gloss and get dressed up and y'all play.

I love it, and I understand JC just celebrated her fifth birthday.

Yes, we watch your show every day and JC has a slight speech disability, so when she started saying, “How you doin'?” Every morning we keep it on Wendy.

Some moms can be a little bit judgemental because we don't watch Sesame Street, but she loves Wendy.

(laughter) So what does she do? JC, what did JC do for her birthday? Brittany, tell me all about it.

She had, my mom came over and fried chicken and we didn't have cake, but we have one in the freezer, so we had a freezer cake, and she got to spray Lysol to make sure all the germs weren't there, and it just really made us realize that birthdays are about love and not the material things.

Wow, was I at the birthday party? Was she at the birthday party? Yes.


I was? Do you have a picture? Yes, we do.

She's holding a bowl up and you're in it.

She's holding her arm around you.

Oh, my imagination at five was a fruitful as yours, and it still goes on.

The imaginary people friend in my head.

That's where I got that friend in my head.

Thank you, Rudd family, very very much.

Listen, I want to send you a little birthday gift, JC.

I understand that you love Lego toys.


So what we at the show are doing, we're sending you Lego toys and tickets to Lego Land for all of you.

(cheering) Have fun, happy birthday, bye, ladies.

Bye! Okay, thank you very much, everybody.

Thank you for tuning in to a different kind of Wendy, the encore presentation will be next, everybody.

(upbeat music).

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