5 December, 2020

Tyson Fury | Mental Health Problems, Depression & Addiction

[Music] I'd suffered with mental health problems my whole life but I didn't know what it was because I never had no education on the mutter I felt as if I had nothing I felt there was an empty gaping hole I didn't have the desire the fire wasn't burning

no longer to flame and our suffering with depression the whole time even in training come I was depressed as the press could be on a daily basis I hit the drink heavily on a daily basis I hit the drugs I was out all night partying with women overnight

and not coming home and you know I didn't care about boxing I didn't care about living I just wanted to die I used to drink and take drugs to get away from their depression because when I was drunk or high then I wouldn't I wouldn't think about being

depressed for for bopping I'm a boxing champion or I'm a feel great but as we know when the drink wears off he only leaves you with a bad hangover and feeling even more depressed [Music] for someone who suffers with mental health for worse the thing we can do

to escape his take drugs or alcohol this is what I want to spread the word on mental health so when other people are in this position in the future they know where to go and they know what to do cuz there's a blueprint I will say in here

400 pounds but drug addict alcoholic I won't start thinking all these crazy thoughts this thought the other and I was in Macau I bought I bought a brand new Ferrari I didn't care about nothing I just wanted to die so bad I give up on life and just

as it was heading towards a bridge at 119 his Ferrari I heard a voice say no don't do this Tyson think about your kids think about your family and your little boys and girls growing up and no father and everyone saying your dad was a week month I

pulled over and I was all nervous and the Norton was frightened I was so afraid and a fault that day I'll never ever ever try or think about taking me on life ever again and after that I tried I was saving theories of you know what I need

to get better on each I need to do something but every time I tried to go to the gym I'd another voice say now they say balls anymore not gonna do this [Music] I was out drug kit and it care give up taking drugs like I said and

he come to a point was doing it for 18 months me life I was out 2017 Halloween I was a 400 pounds dressed up as a skeleton and I go to this fancy dress party in it I'm walking around and I'm thinking these are all young kids compared

to me I'm 13 I feel like I was the oldest guy in there like 29 of like what am I doing here is this what you want for your life and I thought yourself this is not me and no matter how many people told me before this where

I was going wrong walls doing you need to act here life you can only change your life if you want to change it I got by calm I didn't say anything to the wife it went straight upstairs into a dark room Anna took burst chief had skeleton suit

off and I was up there I got me knees and was praying and begging God to help me and at this point I never I never begged or cried to God to help me before I had prayed a lot all my life but I've never been in this

physical state before like I feel tears running down my face the chest was wet with tears cuz I knew I couldn't do on my own was impossible for me because I tried and tried and tried and ended up back in the Bob back drinking after praying for about

10 minutes I got up and I felt the weight of the wall was lifted off my shoulders and for the first time in years I knew I was gonna make a comeback and I called my wife I said Paris parishes abour she fall was drunk coming home from

the pub I said Monday morning I started to regain mission to try and get the heavyweight championship of the world book that night you told me that she said air of difference in your voice and I said I don't want to go back down the old route but

a safe trainer saying promote to same anything and said everything's got to change cause it's going to be a new Tyson Fury and also what went out that morning after phoning banhammer arranging everything I went out for a room in my sweat suit out of our ambitions of

running T miles I got about five minutes until ramen stopped if I can't warm up too fast for her parents by farming a walk I'm gonna get out walk I think the way to beat mental health is setting goals giving yourself short-term and long-term goals and that's what

I did I give myself a goal of losing the weight pound by pound basically I was training twice a day six seven days a week I don't suffer mental health when I'm active one I've got a goal if you suffer mental problems you tend to suffer them when

you're on your own when you've got a lot of time to think and when you're not doing much but when you're busy on a daily basis you don't have enough time to think about mental health I didn't use medication I was prescribed with medication from the doctor but

I refused to take it my grandfather me that's dud he was addicted to pills his whole life pills that didn't even do anything for him there was placebo pills on the biggest thing we'll miss any years I didn't I didn't do it with doctors and all them Thurber

thinks I don't know some way more power got my faith and belief that God will make me better made me better I never ever went back to that from this day to that he's been in one over 12 months I believe I was being tested to see what

type of mana wasn't whatever character I up even before the depression I didn't appreciate things nothing nothing was value to me even something had worked hard for I believe I was put down this road and had to suffer all these things so I could understand while I had

things good I think I've got a bigger purpose now than boxing I think my calling card in life is to spread the word on this this disease a silent killer my message would be walk around yourself be fun for Hall you do have today don't look for it

you don't know if you know you're gonna be happy happy with who you are a wise man once said you got to know yourself before you can know anybody else [Music] contentment is away looking for contentment is a comprar materials tough jobs positions tame glory money and even

contempt you'll never find contentment I'm chasing exhaust off [Music] I don't look at this as a comeback because I'm not coming back to all I wants was the legacy of Tyson theory from a child to be a heavyweight champ it'll world and achieving his dreams that book has

been closed this book is a new book and I'm only on chapter three [Music]

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