16 January, 2021

Samosadilla (Samosa Quesadilla) – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishescommon with somos idea that's right I love samosas but they are not theeasiest thing to do at home all right with the making of the dough and thespecialty folding and of course the always messy deep-fried however by doingthis in the form

of a quesadilla we're able to enjoy pretty much the same thingwith way less effort which was my original pitch that this is an easierway to do samosa but the more I think about it this might be an easier andbetter way to do samosas but anyway we can debate

that later for now let's goahead and get started by cubing up some potatoes and of course we always startthis by cutting off a slice so the potato can sit flat and very steady onthe cutting board and then what we'll do is cut this into about quarter inchslices and

the secret to a beautifully cubed or diced potato or anything elsefor that matter is that once it's sliced we cut it into strips that are the exactsame width as our slices were thick so if our slices were 1/4 inch thick wewant these sticks to be a quarter inch

across that way when we turn these andcut across every quarter inch we should have some relatively uniform cubes andby the way to take this up to the next level don't just randomly line up abunch of sticks do all three of these moves at the same time okay make

yourslices stack them up then cut your sticks keeping it all together ifpossible and then of course finish by turning and cutting across ensurebecause the potato is not square we are going to get little pieces here in therethat aren't perfect cubes but that's finebecause the smaller pieces will actually

get a little bit softer and work to ourfavor texturally when we mix this up but anyway we're gonna cube up about a poundand a half of potatoes at which point we're gonna transfer those into somecold fresh water and then we will head to this stove where we're gonna

placethis over high heat and bring it up to a simmer and as always we want to stir ina nice big spoon of salt and then what we'll do once our potatoes do start tosimmer is back our heat down to medium and cook these for as long as it

takesto get them nice and tender so please check these carefully the only way toscrew up a samosa idea is to try to make it with undercooked potatoes that isnever a pleasant experience so make sure they're nice and softand what we'll do once they are is go ahead and

drain those and then we willsimply set those aside while we move on to the rest of the filling which isgoing to start by sauteing one diced onion over medium heat and some butterand olive oil oh yeah I went with both this time and what we'll do is cookthese

onions stirring until they soften up and turn translucent and yes thanksfor noticing we usually do at this point add some salt but we don't need to herebecause we're gonna have salt in our spice mix which reminds me while ouronions are sauteing let's go ahead and multitask like all

good cooks and goahead and get our spice mixed together which will include some kosher salt somegaram masala some cumin or cumin if you prefer some ground coriander sometumeric which by the way prevents every disease and then last but never everleast some cayenne and by putting this together while

our onions are sauteingnot only are we being efficient with our time but we also don't have to walk backand forth to the stove adding all those individually and then hopefully by nowour onions have softened up they look a little something like this and if theydo we can proceed

to add our minced Serrano chili which is like a jalapenoonly spicier and then we'll also add some finely minced or crushed garlic aswell as some very finely minced ginger root and then we can also dump in ourspice blend and then what we'll do is cook this stirring for

about two minutesnot only to cook our peppers and garlic a little bit but also by sauteing thosespices in that hot fat it really sort of wakes up and amplifies the flavors solike I said we will cook that stirring for about two minutes at which point wecan add the

last major component some beautiful fresh green peas and buy freshI mean frozen that were thawed and drained and what we'll do is go aheadand stir those in and then cook these for about three or four minutes or untilthe peas start to soften up just a little bit okay

we don't necessarilywant them to lose their green color but we really don't want them that firmeither so I ended up cooking mine stirring occasionally for aboutthree-and-a-half minutes and so like I said those peas were no longer firm atwhich point we can go ahead and turn off the heat

and move on to final assemblywhich means transferring our drain potatoes into a mixing bowlfollowed by our spiced onion pea mixture and then a finished Asafa mad onehandful of freshly chopped cilantro as well as the juice of one whole lemonthat you see me squeezing in here half at a

time and yes if you wanted youcould use lime juice here or a combination of both but as you're aboutto see the dipping sauce I'm going to serve with this has lime in it so I'mgoing with lemon and then once we have everything in there we'll take ourspatula and

give this a mix and while we do want to retain some definable potatocubes we also want this stuff to be able to hold together in our quesadilla soit's totally fine and recommended that some of the potatoes get mashed herewhich is why as I mentioned earlier it's okay that

some of those potatoes weren'tperfect cubes since those smaller pieces are going to be much softer and thoseare gonna kind of break down as we mix this giving us the texture we want sowe'll go ahead and mix that up and then switch to a spoon and besides checkingthat we've

achieved the right texture we are also definitely going to givethis a taste since things made with this much potato almost always need more saltand predictably minded so i justed with a little more and by the way even ifyou're not going to make samosas or samosa ideas that my

friends makes forone very amazing potato salad so just something to keep in mind and then onceour filling is done we can set that aside and move on to our dipping saucewhich for me is going to start with a whole bunch of thoroughly wash cilantroand do not waste time

trying to pull out all the stems all right those smallerthinner stems are totally fine in this and in addition to the cilantro I'm alsogoing to add some fresh mint as well as a little bit of sliced green onion andsome sliced serrano chiles for a little extra kick and

then we'll finish thisoff with some freshly squeezed lime juice and I use a lot because I wantthis chutney very sharp and acidic and then last but not least I'm going to addsome plain yogurt and I'm using the thin runny kind but if you want you could usethat thicker

Greek style and that's it we'll simply take that and blend ituntil smooth and end up with this sort of gorgeous green smoothie then I'mgoing to be calling a cilantro lime chutney and while there would be a lotof different sauces it would be perfect with these samosa ideas this

isdefinitely my favorite and of course I will give you the amounts to that in theblog post as well that's it once our filling and chutneysdone we can move on to cooking up our samosa dia so I'm gonna go ahead andspoon out and cover about half of this flour

tortilla with our mixture and I'mshooting for about half inch of filling and I'm not going quite all the way tothe edge because as we press this down it's gonna kind of squish out a littlebit and that's it once we have that filled and folded over I'm gonna goahead

and brown that up and a little bit of olive oil over medium heat and two orthree minutes per side should be plenty but of course your times may varyand speaking of quesadillas yes of course if you wanted to have melted alittle bit of cheese on the tortilla first

something fairly mild like aMonterey Jack or mozzarella and then added your filling that would totallywork although I do prefer the sand cheese if you want to go for the maximumsamosa experience but of course that's gonna be up to you I mean you guys areafter all the composers of

these flat samosas and who knows you might actuallylike these better with a little bit of cheese but either way like I said we'regonna cook that on both sides until nice and brown and crispyat which point I'm going to transfer it onto this cutting board so I can sliceit

into the traditional three triangles and we'll go ahead and plate that upnext to our beautiful green cilantro chutney and while I may not be able toconvince people this is better than nutritional samosa it really is aremarkably similar experience was significantly less work and messinvolved so I just absolutely

love how these come out even though as I foundout I did not invent these I thought I did for a few minutes but apparentlypeople have been making and posting these for over a decade oh by the way ifyou eat these with your hands it's considered a snack but

if you use afreakishly small metal spoon and a fork then it's considered a meal and anamazing one at that oh and one other thing I should mention before we signoff this has been thoroughly temperature tested and these are amazing hot warmroom temperature and cold so these really would

be a great option forentertaining and I'm not saying you should invite vegetarians to yourparties but if you do these will work beautifully but anyway that's it whatwe're calling samosa Diaz all the taste and texture of a real samosa in a muchflatter but significantly easier and simpler delivery system

which is why Ireally do hope you give these a try soon so head over tofood wishes dot-com for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usualand as always enjoy you

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