27 February, 2021

Ridiculous Food Slang (Game)

welcome to government the gamora let's learn some slang together but first gifticality means we're donating one thousand dollars to the make-a-wish foundation make-a-wish grants life-changing wishes to children diagnosed with critical illnesses and we are very proud to have been a part of a few of those wishes join us in giving at wish.

org donate thank you for being your mythical best and for hanging out with us in this more we've wrapped up a three-day tourney on dippage i feel like we've come about dipped out man i mean i am at this point slightly regretting drinking all the ranch um i mean in the moment i i got a little called up in the moment you put me to it uh i did enjoy it but sometimes my stomach is bigger than the the ranch pocket there inside of it you know i filled up the room and that wouldn't be a problem my eyes are bigger my ranch the eyes of my ranch pocket are bigger than the size of the pocket yeah that's that's what i would have said if i were you um let's just have some fun yeah let's just have fun let's just have some fun right um stevie how about this okay you tell us what we're doing and then we'll be like that's a good idea okay so i'm going to read um like an idiom or a phrase i'll call these that is that has food uh in it and then you're gonna guess didn't mean to show you the view from the bottom okay that's my that's my dip socket where's your ranch pocket that's my that's my i guess that's it it looks like i'm not wearing pants at all and there's some pants oh gosh all of these idioms and phrases are from around the world so i'll also tell you where they're from and when you both inevitably get it incorrect i'll give you a sentence as a hint so that you can try and guess closer vote i'm not sure what's happening here stevie uh with link this is this is a representation of what your stomach is doing with all that ranch it's ripping my stomach is literally ripping open and ranch is going into the restoration of every time link is asked a question and then immediately gone on to do another activity when nick has immediately taken the shirt off i don't know i don't know exactly what's happening um why don't you just ask us the first one a raisin in the sausage the raisin in the sausage so you're saying that this could refer to anything it's like a fly in the ointment but this is this is for people who make this is a kidney stone a raisin in the sauces this is when you got a kidney i'm saying these are all sayings i get it yeah okay i get it it's it it's from ireland a raisin in the sausage yeah it's when you got a kidney stone on its last leg like it's come on it's come all the way down no it's a little piece of and it's now it's in the sausage and you're like i know we knew hold on i get it but the thing a lot of people don't know this and i haven't had kidney stones thank god but um they hurt when they're coming down from the kidney once they get into the sausage it's actually home free so a raisin to the sausage not a big deal the raisins in the sauces you want the raisin in the sausage i think a raisin in the sausage is a little bit of good news in the midst of something of a nasty time it's like a silver lining so the raisin's good in the sausages yeah it's a little sweet interesting perspective on that one okay what is it i i mean link is pretty dang close it's a nice surprise and something that's already good oh yeah so both things are good both things are good but a nice little extra something so okay yeah a raisin enough round one and you've already kind of gotten one right and with every round i'm going to unbutton my shirt so that rhett's granddad no he's not into that can take my phone he's also been dead for quite some time to slide in on us on a shrimp sandwich she really she's let me tell you she slid in on a shrimp sandwich you know that's kind of how that would come out i think uh it's getting just under the wire like by just barely getting you know barely taking care of business and some some test boy she slid in on a shrimp sandwich if she hadn't done that last little report we would have let her go i'm trying to make i mean what is a shrimp salmon a small sandwich no a po boy a teeny little shrimp sandwich makes it under the water on a shrimp sandwich i am i don't know what is i think it's just something bizarre like out of left field like that was really out of left field because it's nonsensical neither are correct and as it pertains to just about everything kylie jenner really slid in on a shrimp sandwich okay ryden she didn't earn it she didn't earn it she didn't earn it she she when someone hasn't had to work to get where they are and it's uh from sweden yeah because they're sliding on shrimp sandwiches everywhere up there saw that on the internet they she got it that sounds more like you got here by accident like if you step slid on a banana peel is what i would think i think a shrimp sandwich is very slidy not like it yeah like a banana yeah and so that sounds a little different it doesn't it did she got here by accident versus she got here through no effort two different things but if you slide on a shrimp sandwich you didn't locomote yourself there no points given dumplings over flowers dumplings over flowers um that means i'd rather you do something that's gonna help me than just kiss my ass feed me i think it's more specific i'd rather be fed than wooed like this is about um dumplings over what flowers dumplings over flowers yeah do something meaningful for me feed me versus just flatter me i think it's needs over wants i think brett's close it's choose something useful over something pretty yeah hold on and it's from japan i think that's what i think that's what i was saying means overwatch uh i was saying something that is not just superficial a show of kindness i want you to do something for me like if if if my granddad in all his topless photos he died and then we realized that we wanted to put the topless photos in his casket with him and you were like well here's some flowers no i'd be like no just open up the casket and put the topless photos in there with him because that's what i asked for dumplings over flowers he's been dead over 25 years i can talk like this okay to give pumpkins to someone pumpkins rot quickly to give pumpkin i just i kind of need it in a sentence because it's like i don't think that's one of the rules she is it well she gave me pumpkins something worthless uh pumpkins aren't worthless i think pumpkins are empty compliments i think that's too specific i think it's more gene generic like just something you don't want like she gave me something i didn't want close i mean yeah it's to reject someone to give someone pumpkins i guess is to reject someone in spain so what's it what's the americans what is our idiom for that when you reject when you reject someone it's like she swiped kicked him to the curb kicked you to the car is it left to live like a maggot and bacon maggot and bacon that sounds like it's like high on the hive yeah it's just somebody who's completely stepping in high cotton what walking in high cotton it means you're just the same that says you're on top of the world you got a lot you got a lot you're you're being overwhelmed with luxuries hashtag blessed yeah it's from germany to live luxuriously um let me see i kind of want to see we both got that point yeah sure he says yeah that's right to pace around hot courage like a cat oh that means you are stepping so light that means it's just like i have to walk on eggshells around her i think it's i think it's impatient because that cat's gonna eat that porridge when it cools off impatience yeah i think it's walking on eggshells means to avoid directly addressing something or neglecting to speak your mind and it's from finland finland huh i think eggshells is better than that because it's like you're walking on eggshells gotta be real delicious real light but a cat on porridge could potentially break it but cat around porridge right to pace around hot porridge like a cat yeah and of course we all know this last one to hang noodles on the ears oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hang noodles on the ears that is that makes someone look like an idiot um maybe to make themselves look like an idiot i think when you hang noodles on your ears you're trying to draw attention to yourself link's pretty close it's to fool or lie to someone in russia and that's different though i can't give myself that one i can't take that point stevie that's not what i meant i'll take it back thank you take it back take that point back but yeah okay so that's what i use are you hanging noodles on my ears lying to me is your is your ear burning yeah like it's adorning nose adorning someone's ears with something yeah lying to him noodly is that it feeding me bull and keeping me in the blind i think like a mushroom i think we got pretty good sayings here in america we got bull crap you know what that is you got uh high on the hog you already said that um that's where the good meat is on the hog uh oh really is that coin is that what that saying oh we're eating high on the hog tonight yeah because the i never knew that the belly fat the fatty meats were considered um not good cuts of meat before people figured out how to cook them slowly to render the fat really so the high the high parts of the hog huh that's the leanest cleanest meat hmm this one i just thought that that i never thought that it had an origin you know you because you forget the origin you just know what it means but you don't know why it means it like a cow pissing on a flat rock well that one's easy because it's like it's because you have to say it's raining right like a cow person on a flat rock it's not like you're not i'm i'm a cow pissing on a flat right that's not how you say that yeah i mean but you know i knew what you so high on the hug high on the hug i think i literally thought you were like riding a hog yeah it's like boy he's living large look he's riding a hog and he's way up there he's pretty high up on it man he's as high as he could get what's another one high on the hog um low on the totem pole yeah what's wrong with that though what i think a totem pole that's ancestors uh so what's like a hierarchy is it i think so you're at the top you're the best high on the hog high on the totem pole is also an expression no it's not it should be it's not though yeah low on the totem pole this that's the one we were just talking about right what's it known when pigs fly pigs fly because p please don't fly but if they did i'd be hot now you can be charmingly mythical get your mythical necklaces at mythical.

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