16 January, 2021

REAL VS CHOCOLATE FOOD CHALLENGE || Funny Tik Tok Challenges by 123 GO! GOLD

Oftentimes life leaves us on differentpaths but sometimes those paths cross and it rarely go smoothly! Uh-ohnothing like a chocolate bar to put a real friendship to the test.

Oh it's on! Come on I have such a craving for sweets! Yeah but I didn't even havetime you into lunch today well that's not my problem is it come on pleaseKevin nope it's mine guess I'll just have to eat you oh my stars what hashappened to sweet Vicky and kind Kevin's friendship there's got to be a way toresolve this horrible fight well if they're willing to let chocolate ruintheir relationship perhaps they deserve to learn a little lesson let's teachthese greedy little youngsters a valuable lesson shall we I'll get youback for that bit huh whoa where am I is that a giant candy over theresweet what the heck just happened yeah how on earth did I get here Vicky okaywhat the heck is going on you two have been very naughty so I've decided topunish you with this let's see what we're dealing with here chocolate snailswell hey those look pretty good let's give one a try shall we pretty good sowhat are you waiting for hello anybody in there come on Kevin thesuspense is killing us just open it already Rose that's gotta be the biggestluck I've ever seen hey Rick wanna meet my new friend cheeseis that a slug on steroids Kevin don't even think about it no Kevin please I'ma good person I don't deserve this Vickie don't make any sudden movementsthat slug is gonna eat your face somebody get this slimy thing off me it's about time I spice these challengesup don't you say aa little chocolate cheese don't think you're gonna get thatstinky cheese smell from these keV yes definitely chocolate give yours a whiffVickie oh man are these things made from gym socks they smell absolutelydisgusting hey keV have I told you your hair looks amazing today thanks bro well looks like these nailsaren't going anywhere I'd better get my day started then now if you can pick upthe dark twist paste almost got it sure picking up the thing was hard butscrewing up that cap is a whole other ballgame the key is getting yourfingertips to the cap without the nails getting the way wow you've got a strongbite there Kevin and you haven't even picked up a toothbrush yet Oh clever nowI just have to hold onto this long enough to put toothpaste on it no I wasso close just put the toothpaste straight in yourmouth whatever and maybe skip flossing for todayhuh it's finally lunchtime it's already one o'clock now what are we're cabinetsoh he's here sorry I'm late it's been a day oh great and on opensoda this shouldn't be too hard right oh my gosh I broke a nail that looks awfulyikes that's bad didn't anyone tell you to never open a soda with long nailslike that looks like Kevin could use an emergency trip to the salon Wow somefresh delicious sushi should cheer me up this lunch is getting better all rightWow Amy Chows down at record speed Kevin is still struggling to get started ohman do you think they have works here I can't even hold them in my hands for twoseconds let alone eat with them wait a second perhaps the answer was rightunder my nose all alone going in whether you grab it or stub it themission is clear get the sushi into your mouth as fast aspossible and another piece is ready on deck maybe these sales aren't so badafter all who knew you could have your very own set of finger chopsticks onhand at all times whoa that stuff can't get in your mouthfast enough can it oh is that really necessary who knows what other nastyparticles are under those things Jess Jess she's not on the countertops why does she like sitting up there somuch movie night is officially in full effect des c'mere is that really necessary hey watch whereyou put those hands girl ever wonder why cats insist on climbing all over you forno reason at all there we go okay next time you can justwalk over to your seat like the rest of us oh hey Vicki I'm kind of hanging outin here right now but I can hang out over there I guess could you move anyslower what the heck look at this mess how could one cat a person do all thisyes Oh is she talking to me I'll just hide under here till Tuesday hey Vickiyou in there hello that's weird I could have sworn she wasin there Vicki open the door come on oh it's just you come on in no seriouslycome in I don't wanna I like it out here fine hey Vicki I changed my mindI want to come in now Vicki and even though I was cold I was like no I don'tneed a jacket but he totally let me wear a sweatshirt it is so sweet looks like someone forgot to bring theirphone I wonder how far she'd notice if I was gone I'm back that's weirdI could have sworn I left my phone right here she totally fell for it man am ismooth whoa how does she know I'm hiding here maybe she didn't even see mewhat okay definitely saw me oh man what do I doyeah come on it was just a prank why do you have to be so creepy likethat hey guys I'm home let's see did I get any texts I said we'd meet at 4:30not 3:00 hey where's Jess I totally left the front door openthere she goes don't be too worried she always comes back oh man is that morning alreadywell I better get up and start my day Wendell does just know Bella is about tomake her day a lot more interesting let's see here what's the first thingjust is going to do when she comes back in here yes I'm going to take away allof Josh's clothes and force her to wear something a little less comfortablewait is that quick get rid of that pile of clothesBella ah man that shower felt great where are all my clothes and how didthis giant thing get in here unless you're willing to go to work naked itlooks like you'll be dressing like a sumo wrestler for the day Jess you aredopes nipples are eunuch Grande nice choice with one good song a boring sweepquickly turns into an exciting sidestep seriously just I'm trying to read herethere's no way I can concentrate with her bopping around like this you win I'mgoing to my room whoa there's two of them that's a wholelot of sumo for this room it doesn't matter your size you're never too big tomove to the beat party on you crazy kidsparty on.

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