21 October, 2020

My Self-Care Morning Routine 2020 | Healthy & Productive

(upbeat music) – Hey, health nuts.

Welcome back to my channel, I'm Nikole and today I'm gonna be sharing my updated morning routine with a little bit of a self-care twist for the month of February.

I thought it was appropriatejust to give ourselves a little bit more appreciationand love this month and I really wanna share with you guys some of the habits thatI've personally been doing and just loving and havemade a huge difference and I'm gonna be sharingthem in today's video.

I'm also so excited to be working with one ofmy favorite brands, Caf-Lib.

They make my favorite herbal coffee.

I've been drinking them probably for like over five years.

I bet I can go back into thearchives of Health Nut videos and find me talking about them in a favorites video or a recipe video or just another routine video.

You guys are always askingme about herbal coffee, why I drink it, what's in it.

I essentially stopped drinking coffee about like six years ago because of my anxietyand having an alternative like Caf-Lib has been a lifesaver and I'm so excited thatthey are sponsoring and collaborating with me on today's video and it's just like a dream partnership.

I'm so excited, they'reCanadian, I love them.

And I basically drink themevery single day without fail.

Without further ado, let'shop right into the video and I'm gonna share with you guys my self-care morning routine of 2020.

So, the first thing I like to do when I start my day is topractice some sort of mindfulness.

This may be writing inmy gratitude journal which helps me processthings that I'm grateful for, things that I hope will happen and just a lot of positive thinking and doing this really helps set my day on a positive note insteadof focusing on things that aren't going well, I really try to focus on the things that I'm grateful for in my life.

And it can be as small asI'm grateful for a sunny day or I'm grateful for my family, whatever it is in your lifethat you want to reflect on.

I think it's really nice to write it down and see it in a visual way.

I like to drink a nice, tallglass of water when I wake up.

I always find I'm prettythirsty in the morning, so this just kind of helps wake me up and then before I do my mediation, I like to just throw on some nice, calming and relaxing essential oil.

(optimistic music) Another thing that I do everysingle morning without fail is I meditate.

This has been something I've been doing for the last two years now.

It has truly changed my life.

I used to wake up with awful anxiety and just letting my body reset and create mindfulnessin my mind and body, has been such a game-changer and I just cannot imagine my life without this healthy habit.

And then when I'm done meditating, I always end it with a really big self hug and I just repeat tomyself I love my life, I love myself and thenwhatever affirmation I want to follow, I usually will say something like I release fear, anxiety, and worry followed up with some kind of positiveaffirmation like I am happy, calm and peaceful.

Hi! Hi, baby.

You a good girl, you let Mommy meditate? Yeah, hi.

I also just find something as simple as making my bed as a formof practicing mindfulness.

I never would of thought I would actually enjoy making my bed, but it's just a nice way of telling myself that it's a new day and I'm kind of leaving thebedroom and starting my day.

(upbeat music) My next self-care habit that I've been doing every single day now as well is moving my body.

I used to think that I would only exercise three or four times aweek if I went to the gym, but I've been making it a habit to just move my body everyday.

I find it's easier tokeep up with something that you do everyday as opposed to when you feel like it.

If I know the goal is tomove my body everyday, then I look to make timefor it in my schedule and actually make aneffort to make it happen, so that could be assimple as walking Cashew, going for a hike, doing a light yoga flow or actually doing a reallyhard workout at the gym in a class or whatever the case.

I like to always be switchingit up so I'm not bored, but at the end of the day, I am moving my body, it ishelping my mental health and physical health.

It helps relieve stress and it just gets all thosekinks and knots out of the body.

I truly am grateful tobe able to move my body and I wanna be able to moveit for as long as I can.

I'm gonna link the exact workout that I'm doing in the info box down below.

(optimistic music) My next habit is to createa spa in your bathroom.

I just think it's so peaceful to create an atmosphere and environment thatyou actually feel happy being surrounded by.

So, for my bathroom I reallytry to add fake plants since there's no windows, so nothing will actually grow in here and I think it just makes a really big difference in my mood.

It's very calming, it's a roomthat I like to spend time in whether I'm dry brushing orjust doing my skincare routine.

Here I'm doing a light dry brush.

I really like doing this habit.

It helps circulate blood flow and helps to stimulatethe lymphatic system which is really great for a detoxification and it really just gets offall those dead skin cells and helps your skin look more glowy and keeps it nice and soft.

This morning I decidedto throw on a nice mask.

I don't always do a mask, but because I'm just trying to practice more self-care andlove, I'm throwing on a mask and I'll just let this sitwhile I'm in the shower, washing my body, shavingmy legs, all that stuff.

I can just let this sit and do it's thing.

Most days I feel like Idon't have time to do a mask, but it's the simple thingsof just putting it on before you get in the shower that makes it easier to incorporate.

Before I hop in the shower, I just want to make a quickbatch of my DIY body scrub.

I've been making this a lot lately.

It's just sugar, oil, and acouple of other ingredients.

I'll link it in a blog postin the info box for you guys.

It's so simple to makeand it's really effective.

So, I've been making that a lot lately.

Popping into the shower, rubbing this scrub all over my body, it has been keeping my dry, winter skin nice and soft and supple and it just makesit easier for my body to absorb any moisturizer that I'mgonna put on afterwards.

You don't have to go to a fancy spa or resort to get someself-care into your routine.

Doing these simple things at home will make a big difference and they'll also justmake you feel better.

Now that I'm out of the shower, I'm just misting my face withmy favorite rosewater toner and I'm gonna do a littleGua Sha facial massage.

So, I have my skin glow serum oil that I'm just rolling on over my face.

And then I'm just takingthis rose quartz Gua Sha and I'm just gently rolling it or I guess scraping but ina gentle way over my face.

There are a ton of YouTube videos that you can look up tofind the exact techniques on how to do this, but it helps de-puff, it helps circulate blood flow and I find it reallyhelps relieve tension, especially in my foreheadand on my jawline where I tend to clench andthe muscle gets a bit tense, I find it really helps with that as well.

I'm just following up with my moisturizer and the rest of my skincareand makeup routine.

I usually like to keepthings pretty simple, especially in the morning.

And slathering on some of my pit paste from my Beauty Net Skincare line.

This was a fresh bottle whichis always fun to dig into.

(optimistic music) Now it's time to make some food and my new favorite herbal coffee latte that is so delicious and soothing and it just feels like ahug in a cup, I love it.

So, I have my new frother here.

I actually got this from myaunt, they had an extra one and it's been game-changing inmy coffee-making experience.

So, I just have some oatmilk creamer pop in there to froth up and get delicious and creamy.

Boiling some water andthen I'm just gonna take some of my Caf-Lib herbal coffee.

This is the organic one, but they have an originalone and then a dark roast one if you like a little bitmore of a bold flavor.

It's completely all natural and it's made with a blend of organicroasted barley and chicory which really gives thisbeautiful, smooth, rich flavor like coffee.

I like to do two tablespoons, a dash of cinnamon, a fewdrops of liquid Stevia and then I add in my boiling water.

This has just been mygo-to combination lately and then topping it offwith my frothed oat milk that is so creamy and itjust brings this latte to the next level.

(upbeat music) Sprinkle a little bitmore cinnamon right on top and this is the best homemade latte I've ever had, highly recommend it.

(sighs) So good.

Okay, so while I'm sipping on that, I'm gonna quickly whip upmy fluffy yogurt pancakes.

This recipe is on the blog.

It's a go-to of mine and it'sreally easy to just whip up.

I will have the full recipe linked in the blog post below.

There is nothing like cooking up a batch of your favorite pancakes in the morning to really give yourself some self-love.

During the week I'm usuallya green smoothie kind of gal, but on the weekend I like toindulge, have some pancakes, have some bacon, treat myself and just spend a little bit more time in the kitchen making my favorite meals.

I like to top my pancakeswith some more yogurt.

And spoon on some stewed berries.

This was just a frozen mix of berries that I just warmed up on the stove and it just creates themost delicious berry syrup to top your pancakes with and, of course, a good drizzleof Canadian maple syrup.

Look at that fluff and thoselayers, this is so good.

(optimistic music) My last tip is to create a happy space.

For me, that meansdiffusing essential oils.

I've been loving diffusingblack spruce with orange lately.

It's really grounding withjust a hint of sweetness and it's just very soothingthroughout the day.

I work from home, so I really like to create ahappy, calming space to be in.

But wherever your workspace is, it's important to create that environment that you wanna be in.

Over the years I've beenslowly collecting plants and, for the most part, keeping them alive.

I really love to surroundmyself with living things and plants are a way for meto add the outdoors indoors and almost give my space that nature vibe.

Plus they're really good.

They help clean the air and I do think that they alter your mood.

Opening up the windows, letting that sunshine inI think is so important for your mood as well especiallyduring the winter months when it gets darker earlier.

It's especially important to make sure we are gettingexposed to sunlight.

Now this was a weekend morning, so instead of pulling out my laptop, I decided to bring back mynostalgic childhood vibes and pull out a coloring book.

I had one of thesestashed away in my library that I've been meaning to use and so I found some pencil crayons and I just started coloring and it was very therapeutic, I really enjoyed it.

I'll try to find oneof these coloring books and link it for you guys, but it was a lot of fun and I feel like I coulddo a party in this, have some girlfriends over and just have a coloring book party and make some lattes andput some good music on and just have a reallychill night in of coloring.

It's funny how the things you used to do as a child make youreally happy as an adult.

There you have it, that ismy morning self-care routine.

I hope you guys got some inspiration to add to your own morning routine even if you just do one thing that maybe you saw and gotinspired from in this video.

I think it's gonna make a hugedifference in your own life.

These are things I truly swear by and they're just kindof like everyday habits that I don't really think about.

I don't always havepancakes for breakfast.

It's more of a weekend thing, but I just wanted to inspire you guys to give yourselves alittle bit more self-love in the morning and that can mean cuddling with your little pup a little bit longer.

Cashew always looks veryrelaxed on the couch.

But yeah I just wanna saya huge thank you again to Caf-Lib for sponsoring this video.

Like I said, it is a dream partnership I truly love and just usetheir product every single day in my life and you guyswill see it all the time on my Instagram stories, in my other videos.

One of the most questions I get asked is what herbal coffee are you drinking and what is herbal coffee? So hopefully this video helped explain some of those questionsthat I get all the time.

I'm gonna have a link topurchase them down below, but they're available inbasically any grocery store.

You can find them at Bulk Barn.

I see them all the time, so it's really accessibleto get which I like or you can just order it online.

So, I'll have those links down below.

Thank you so much forwatching and I can't wait to see you guys in my next video.

If you aren't already subscribed, there's a link down below.

You can click that red subscribe button.

It's free and I post new videos every single week on this channel.

I will see you guys in my next one.

Have a fabulous day and havean awesome self-care morning.

Bye, guys! I'm just gonna cuddle with my little girl a little bit longer.

You all snugly? She's literally snoring right now.

(optimistic music).

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