27 February, 2021

Mother Daughter Cooking INDIAN FOOD for FATHER'S DAY // Shrimp Biryani Cook At Home #StayHome

Haizi family welcome to today's video happy Father's Day to all my father's out there today we have a special video for you are we doing Kate I'm making my favorite Indian dish for Dad and it's sure yeah shrimp biryani that's right so we found this really easy recipe

I love my instant pot so much so we're our chicken fried shrimp you're naughty it is to pun and yes I know we're a team your food like that's not me making it this was easy enough for Katie and I to follow directions to do this for dad

so the first thing we're gonna do is put water into this rice to let it sit for 20 minutes and walking he's doing that I'm going to show you our ingredients we have onion cilantro bay leaf black peppercorn cumin seed tumeric powder garlic butter masala gharam masala garam

masala salt ye I think I'm pronouncing that right we have Bailey's slipper for shrimp potatoes ginger tomatoes basmati rice and tandoori quadrant so a lot of the rice is Sophie and we're gonna turn on this saute function on my instant pot which is where the first thing we're

going to do is we're going to add our bay leaf or black peppercorn and our cumin seed to let that like what's a call but it does like opens or room like I don't know what I'm about good aerate yeah [Music] [Music] by the way the link for

the recipe is in the description I can already smell it okay next thing onions and go slow okay there you go all right networks let's put the lid back on now the next thing is we're gonna grate ginger okay we got our gingers the recipe also calls for

minced garlic [Applause] [Music] how's it smell better than before is it starting smell like biryani so what's this Tim ricke masala I'm sorry and then you have salty began chili powder Yugos the salt and butter now we're going to chop our potatoes and Katie it's gonna peel one

and I'm gonna show you what my dat dandy choppered is look at that even slices perfect [Music] there goes okay is a family this is a great great Father's Day this is one for the record books my first Father's Day being cooked in Indian dish my sweet little

Indian princess it's her favorite dish she gets it every time we go to any Indian restaurant actually we've always gotten biryani any we feel like we ate berry on malaria in India – oh we did in Agra oh and you were like garam and we were like what's

Karim what is garb me you were trying to tell us it's hot where it's not hot enough maybe you were saying I don't know and it only cooks for four minutes mouth well it will it will once it's cooked I've heard that a good biryani takes what hours

and hours and hours for a pot roast right two hours yeah right right so well this one says eight minutes zoo family I feel like you viewers are like no no no no no no that's not very Ani but it is I know an Indian person put this

on the on the instant pot website so eight minutes biryani in eight minutes we'll see good job girl I can't wait to try it okay true but I mean eight minutes of cooking it early that was really fast that was super fast you guys did that in a

lightning-fast manner I'm so excited to try it there you go zoo family look at that plate of steaming delicious biryani oh my goodness Katie you did it bro you and mommy totally did it daizy's a little frustrated right now she's not in the mood to film it's alright

you're fine it's all good King Daisy be nice be gentle so we're gonna start it and oh my goodness we're gonna take our first bite so you guys ready to take our first bite so we're gonna get our first bite I'm actually gonna grab some tendon grab yourself

a piece everybody gets at least a piece and uh and I got my special best dad ever mug it's literally my my father's day gift from Daisy so it was very sweet from her okay guys where you take our first bite ready take your first bite every day

Indian food five days straight this is so okay before I say anything we're gonna rate it just like we do all of our taste test challenge videos let's start with Timmy what do you say to him laughs I look at that a five a five I'm going to

give this it's my father's Day gift it's a five mum I know like weird you guys are killing it with me dishes I can't believe it tastes this good coming out of an instant pot I like this better than them engines I would agree with that thank you

mommy yeah you and mommy did such a good job boys what do you think about this didn't sissy and mom do so good you just cook every meal together I would agree with that it's gonna come out this good my goodness okay let me ask you all this

we just did a taste test video with all the frozen foods remember the butter chicken the paneer the corn masa corn my fish curry yeah where does this stand in relation to that is this better than all that or was there something in that video you liked more

yeah till I start with Timmy you like this more than all of that was there something there you liked more you liked this more awesome and then Logie you're not sure some of that stuff in that video is pretty good I think I would put this above anything

we tried in that video not just because it's fresh but just that the taste is phenomenal hey hey Daisy hi muffin what do you think how do you answer that mom would it what would you say I would say that this is better better than anything from that

video what about you two over here better here and better here I kind of guessed that I knew you both would like this more what about you Logie I think I have one back then that you like more do you know what it was the fish curry this

it was very good surprisingly good for a frozen dish hey you want to show the zoo family your new trick show him your new trick mmm-hmm there it is she discovered her tongue zoo family and she sticks it out constantly yeah yeah old boy zoo family she's sitting

up yeah you're getting so big you smart sweet mama no deader dead-ass so seriously we did not have to make a double batch that's great for tomorrow lunch and there and dinner and still have some left over at this point we might need to go get some ingredients

and and have a few more meals I don't know inside make this a side dish to butter chicken korma give us a you can see the exhaustion in that face [Laughter] challenge videos right now and taste tough challenge jay-z doesn't not cooperate oh my goodness but it's tiring

and I'm think we'll you decided to cook me your favorite dish for Father's Day in fact speaking of Father's Day kids happy Father's Day dad thank you guys it was a wonderful Father's Day I'm getting little hugs thinking Father's Day good good to have my baby make me

a dish and we spent the day together and had a good day and we hope you enjoyed this cooking video we love you to your family and we'll see you later this week [Applause] [Music]

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