16 January, 2021

MALAYSIAN STREET FOOD!!! At HOME!!! (Nasi Lemak) The BEST Street Food in Malaysia!!!

all right check it out guys this Trevor James and King ting we're at our home base here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and today we're gonna be making the most famous Malaysian street food nasi lemak and you can follow along with us I have no idea how to cook

but we are staying positive and strong at home hopefully just like you and calling up some of our best friends and chef friends to teach us how to cook street food dishes from around the world this is food ranging at home we're gonna be making the sambal we're

gonna be making the coconut rice we're gonna be making a lemongrass chicken sliced cucumber fried ikan bilis anchovy fried peanuts and it's gonna be all eaten by hand here on this banana leaf and it's all gonna be overlooking Kuala Lumpur my favorite city in the world we've got

the Petronas Towers in the back we've got the KL tower we've got the National Mosque the excited thing and we're calling up our good buddy mark in Penang who's a Penang local Malaysia's most famous food city and he's gonna be teaching us how to make the nasi lemak

all of the ingredients he's gonna be showing us step by step you can check out his Instagram in the description below he's an awesome food guy he creates great recipes he leaves food tours in Penang and he's an expert okay and thing is just rinsing the deccan anchovy

and Econ is such an important part of Malaysian cuisine guys these are found in almost all dishes of Malaysia whether they're used in a stock to give the sambal the nice fishy Econ anchovy flavor or whether they're fried and eaten like we're gonna be eating them today okay

we just finished prepping all of the ingredients take a look at this guys we're gonna be making lemongrass chicken we're using chicken breasts today we've got about four or five nice chicken breasts we've got about 1 tablespoon of shrimp paste 2 nice plump big red chilies we've got

some ginger we're gonna just use a section of this we've got about 6 stalks of lemongrass we've got a nice plate worth of curry leaves we got a cucumber we've got some nice pound on these here this is gonna go in with that coconut rice it's gonna be

cooked with coconut milk we've got some hard-boiled eggs dried chilli about 8 dried chili and we're soaking these for about half an hour we've got about 15 shallots here and then we've got peanuts and Econ dried anchovies we're gonna fry these in some oil and those are gonna

be served crispy on the side with our rice we've got tamarind paste salt pepper and Thai rice and a food processor let's get into it let's do it guys okay we're gonna call it my buddy mark here and he's gonna show us how to make the delicious nasi

lemak buddy how's it going good good I'm gonna point you to the camera so my buddy Trevor James it's calling and miss Ouiser and we are going to cook nasi lemak today yeah before we just show you how to make nasi lemak row not Salama itself it's traditionally

known as a poor man's food just like pizza so this is good for energy all day working outdoors and other meals or for the army yeah we're gonna do rice we really do the marinade for the chicken then we're gonna do the fryer ikan bilis and the peanuts

then we gonna do the chili paste for the sambar and lastly fry my chicken yeah let's do it so let's get some ginger how much ginger are we gonna use mark laying out all the steps for the coconut rice one thumb size ginger equal parts coconut milk to

water along with Malaysia's very special pandan leaf Malaysia's very own vanilla coconut rice with ginger and salt okay and then we're just gonna cook it like regular white rice right and next up mark taught us how to make the marinade for the lemongrass chicken throwing in lemongrass and

a little brown sugar and oil in a food processor and then putting it all on the chicken with some light soy sauce simple and delicious this is gonna be so good you can smell that lemongrass and sweetness from the sugar we added in there good girl I'm glad

it's really smelling really good so we're just gonna let this rest for a comfortable 15-20 minutes and next up mark is gonna show us how to make the sambal we're gonna start with the blending shallots and chili okay next up we're gonna blend in the processor here these

two nice big fresh giant chili and we've got about eight or nine whole dried chilies soaked here so I'm gonna close the lid and then we get this processing as well wow that is looking spicy man no it's not it's not no you'll be fine how fine should

we make this you'll find that the better yeah what's up next buddy Henry tastes like this Oh much 1 tablespoon yeah tamarind paste into a bowl yeah so just one cup of water into the bowl and then you just use the water right yeah you use just the

water ok so next step mark is gonna show us how to make the peanuts and the anchovies and then the sambal and then we're gonna have a delicious feast let's do it so peanut goes in and after a quick shallow fry of the peanuts really Singh helped her

grandma do this when she was a kid in China then the anchovies we were ready to make the sambal the sole of Malaysia cuisine and we're gonna do Sambo right yes we're gonna do the Sambo now so let's add in about 5 to 6 tbsp of canola oil

now shellye's goes in we will saute this for a good 3 to 4 minutes until it's translucent so saute it over medium heat oh yeah there are they go getting young and getting so yummy so aromatic yes you can actually add Achebe in already and how much chili

should I add in one cable to it to start one and a half maybe that's it mixing it in yeah you can instantly smell that chili whoa oh yeah there it is coming together how long should we fry this for buddy I would say three minutes or so

at this 3 minute this is when you should end in your the shrimp paste 1/2 a tablespoon this is strong stuff and you just crumble it together right crumble it and then fry it together I use some water and I'm gonna add in we're gonna add in one

cup one rice cup of list of water right Wow at this point of time you can measure out 3 quarter of a cup of tamarind water this is fun learning how to make nasi lemak together okay so mark is just explaining that right now when it's bubbling after

you've added asam right in the water and the chili you can give it a quick taste to see if it's either too spicy or too sour and then you can fix that by adding more sugar in right oh it's spicy yeah but not too spicy right it's not

gonna be like a bird's eye chili that you got bro no no it's nice so mine it's gonna be like this a little bit spicy a big rig but look man I'm happy with the result the next step is when you add in half of this anchovies oh

oh that's where it's gonna get the flavor yeah Wow right in the wok there bubble it for a good I would say two minutes so yours you should put in about 1 and 1/2 teaspoon why don't I have teaspoons after you stir give it a taste yeah so

last but not least the curry leaves I'm gonna use about two stops like this much Oh curry leaves yeah let it simmer for 20 seconds and then you are done Wow buddy this is good one more dish to make the lemongrass chicken okay let's compare theirs ours well

how's yours look buddy so this is mine Oh Oh yours looks good too man yours looks more colorful the smell of the Econ in there is great okay and next up ting is a huge chicken lover so she is gonna make the chicken and Mark is gonna teach

us how to do it oil goes in that in that oil so get everywhere coated make sure the skin goes in first skin side down skin down yeah give it about three three-and-a-half to four minutes on each side and then we can flip it around Wow look at

that full lemongrass tikka it smells delicious man yeah thing is cooking it over there you having fun thing and we got the banana leaf ready we're gonna be eating it out here oh yeah and look at that flip the brown oh man that's amazing Wow okay final two

steps get some cucumber slices and then we've got hard-boiled eggs as well yeah and we're gonna put all of the nasi lemak all over this and have a feast it comes the chicken Wow lemongrass chicken it's already look at that full of peanuts and Econ home cooked and

there's the cucumber sambal and hard-boiled eggs this is so cool Wow and there's the sambal Wow that's it and here it is guys oh look at that we made this together thanks to mark our buddy mark we're gonna call him in a second and compare our nasi lemak

but first let's take a look at what we got here coconut rice lemongrass chicken delicious sambal infused with econ anchovies curry leaves chili dried chili it's all here we got hard-boiled eggs although I think ours turned out to be more like soft boiled sliced cucumbers fried econ anchovy

fried peanuts all over a delicious bed of coconut pandan ginger-infused rice hey buddy look at your right yeah dude oh it's beautiful look at ours oh that's a feast runner yo thank you to you for teaching this that's this amazing recipe no problems right it's all about sharing

and you know you being you to Malaysia bro we got a kickstart the right way Thank You Man this I don't know about you but I'm hungry after cooking all that bro let's eat I'm gonna eat my pants okay yeah me too get a bit of the anchovies

go into the rice peanut oh look at that egg oh and go in for it mm-hm I'm gonna do it too and I think I'm gonna add a little extra sambal move on with my anchovy rice legit and you did it not me you it bro Wow go

rescue them we're gonna have an egg sambal things I yeah adding egg sambal together just me right out steady shifting the Samba was great man Wow it's incredible it's really spicy but this one yeah wow it's so good and there got to give a big thank you to

mark for providing us with this recipe and teaching us how to do this he was so calm as we were panicking wondering what peanuts were gonna burn whether everything was going smoothly he was comforting us guiding us through go follow him on Instagram because he's a great guy

great chef and really good Wow hope you guys enjoyed this video please leave me a comment down below subscribe as well click the bell notification button and go check out Mark's Instagram simply a knock link down below for the recipe as well as my blog I'm sharing it

there too thanks for watching guys

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