16 January, 2021

Making Tiny Foods for a Tiny Rescue Dog 🍩🍔🐶

today we are going to make tiny foods for a tiny dog alright I'm scrolling through Instagram like I do checking out dogs and I run across this dog that is so tiny I'm like man that dog is tiny dig in a little bit more the dog's name is

tiny diamond as it turns out tiny diamonds family is actually John who founded the rescue group I pity the bull the good news is he was on board right away so he agreed and I knew I had to come up with an awesome idea I don't think building

a giant dog pit or surprising tiny diamond with 100 giant tennis balls could really be that exciting to her so I did some research on the internet and then it just hit me let's make everything tiny what if I shrunk down the dog bakery in the kitchen in

the food and made it all tiny diamond sized oh and let me tell you her actual story because being tiny isn't what makes her special it's the fact that she's already been through so much in her little life that tiny diamonds story broke my little heart because she

wasn't even a week or so old and someone just dumped her turned her in didn't want her now thank goodness I stand with my pack stepped-up and they called John with I pity the bull right away and he said you know what we'll help we'll save her love

comes in all sizes and shapes I think if we can show tiny diamond in our own tiny way that she is loved this will be the biggest video we've ever done well Tiny's biggest video we've ever done I am an actual pet chef I own the business called

the dog bakery and I build bakeries for dogs so I wanted to make sure every little detail went into getting this bakery just right check this out Wow now that took hours of work we hand do all of the bricks I mean making a tiny kitchen is almost

just as much work as building a real size bakery for dogs alright we've got our rolling pin and check this out I printed up a little picture of my dog flip let's get the dog bakery logo on there now we're the real deal oh and I'm gonna write

something down for you here real quick please make sure you subscribe and turn on notifications [Music] it's hot I'll tell you that much oh look at that is coming together alright let's decorate some doughnuts making doggie doughnuts in the mini version takes time and patience love okay now

the stuff that looks like vanilla is actually yogurt so it's safe for dogs and this chocolate here is actually not chocolate at all it's carob and carob is safe for dogs because it doesn't have feel bromine in it like chocolate does which is really dangerous for dogs so

these are the carob and yogurt tops doughnuts I don't know about you but I actually like donut that has a good amount of toppings on it and in my book I don't think any donut is complete without sprinkles no I'm gonna put these sprinkles on here they're so

small [Music] yes lots of sprinkles Wow look at that whoa that looks so cool check that out last one this is so much fun look at the carrot one there oh and this could have been better timing because tiny diamond is showing up right now breakfast to serve

[Music] [Applause] [Music] I hope breakfast was a success but lunch isn't even gonna be better because we're making burgers and french fries there's something cool did you know that I actually make donuts at my store that you can order online I ship them across the nation and Liddy's

they aren't as many as the mini ones we made Wow dogs I love them they come with a bunch of donuts we even have a pink one there with sprinkles they're all dog friendly so you can order those at the dog bakery calm go there right now also

put the link down in the description check it out and go sign your dog up for our birthday clip it's free and when it's your dog's birthday I'll send you discounts and all kinds of other cool stuff for your dog so go sign up in the description below

right now [Music] [Music] [Music] much time [Music] your cable sitemanager right [Music] no now burgers are delicious but I'm also kind of a pasta guy like I love spaghetti so that's what we're gonna make for dinner stick around though because dessert is gonna be awesome cake Papa Chino

it's gonna be great let's make some pasta you know what let's go boy fights my cookbook here real quick just to make sure that my Italian recipe is correct Oh guys I love pasta so much really it is perfect drain the noodles let it cool [Music] in our

desert there's their time and this is what I'm best at we're gonna make a doggie cake and a really small doggie Papageno I can't wait to see what tiny diamond thinks of these and I can't wait to see what Kobe thinks he's blind it's gonna be super small

so to be interesting to see if his super sniffer can find these fake treats [Music] nailed it a delicious dessert cake Papa Qi is that these here at the bakery this one's just for her okay enjoy your cake [Music] cut your slice there [Music] hey guess what time

it is cappuccino time [Music] [Music] watch it surfing above take your traditional Papagena girl you're gonna slow down you can get too big what happened did you get the four pounds let me creep oh now you're going for it okay now a lot all senseability so I got

coke poby is just a few months older than tiny diamond so let's see what a puppy that should be about the same size looks like in a tiny food set I think he's about the same age but a much bigger puppy let's see what happens I don't know

if you'll eat anything because Oh worried right now okay there you go all right here without a table thanks buddy okay Toby's blind he can't see so he's gotta find it with his nose [Music] this is a small street is that for sure [Music] yeah here when I

just bring the whole table to you do you think if Kobe's not really hungry right now because he's got heart condition he was turned in his blind he's got a heart condition but you all helped us raise the money for that and so we're gonna get him the

heart surgery he needs coming up soon okay buddy you're good boy and also he got the meat tiny diamond so I think the one thing he did get out of today is a brand new friend about the same age drastically different in size if you want to see

him meeting tiny diamond for the first time ever go watch that video on Paul wonder right now it's our new channel for our dogs go check it out I'll link it right in the description below alright since this is a tiny video I have a very special guest

here this is Tanner now tater is with I pity the bull they're awesome rescue group and they help a lot of dogs Tanner needs to be bottle dead right now tater and silly young his eyes aren't even open he's only 3 weeks old and weighs 8 ounces now

taters not old enough to eat food yet but we are gonna bottle feed am here because this video about blossom tiny dogs alright oh yeah he's sucking on my finger he is hungry all right let's get the bottle and that mama BJ [Music] hey check out tiny diamond

in her little tracksuit okay I got to tell you something you gotta go follow I pity the bull off with their Instagram right here also put it down in the description don't follow them because they help so many dogs pit bulls dogs like tiny diamond right here anteater

is gonna be available for adoption now I'm not right away so make sure you're following them so that way as soon as Taylor is available for adoption you're the first to know and you can put an application go follow them right now if you haven't subscribed come on

what are you waiting for hit that subscribe button quick go watch this video right here or tiny diamond says go watch this video again

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