27 February, 2021

Lebanese Food Challenge w/ Shawarma, Beef Kafta, and Baba Ghanouj!!

Hey everybody!! This is Randy Santel, and you're watching episode number 20 of Dinner Is Served, featuring That Lebanese Place inSpringfield, Missouri!! Alright, I am starving and very, veryexcited for this delicious looking meal sitting in front of me!! We're at That Lebanese Place off Commercial Street in Springfield.

This is my first time here; I'm going to be trying to finish an entire family platter all by myself! Thisis a lot of food; we're gonna explain it now! [Server] This is our family entree.

It comeswith four sides: our Baba ghanouj, our Tabbouleh salad, our hummus appetizer, and Fattoush salad.

On the actual tray itself, comes our beef shawarma sandwich, our chicken shawarma sandwich, eight pieces of grape leaves, along with eight pieces of falafel, our three kafta skewers, along with chicken kebab skewers, andbeef kebab, and then our sauces right here our tahini, they go well with ourgrape leaves and falafel.

The tomato sauce goes great with our red meats, which isthe beef and the kofta, and our garlic paste goes well with our chickens, and itcomes with two orders of fries, and it's all on top of a layer of basmati rice! Alright, big thanks to Arthur & Rebecca Davis forthe idea to come here, right off Commercial Street, and big thanks to That Lebanese Place.

They're letting us film this Dinner Is Served episodehere.

It is not a food challenge.

I'm gonna try to finish in under one hour, but it's $75 for all the food plus I got an Almaza beer, which is Lebanese! I'mgonna try to finish it in under one hour, so let's just shut up and eat!! 1, 2, 3.



BOOM!! Alright, gonna start out with some of these appetizers.

This is mostly parsley so that's going to be interesting, but this is the Baba ghanouj! I want to eat this before it cools off.

Thisis the beef shawarma sandwich! My first time having so much parsley, butit is good!! All of this is meant to serve a family of 4-8 – or one Atlas! Now I'm getting my healthy vegetables! Now we'll do the chicken shwarma! The sauce and the pita is so delicious! Alright, we are 9 minutes and 20seconds in.

They said the beef goes good with this, the falafel, and the grape leaves, which I guess are surrounding rice go with this, and then the white meat of the chicken goes with this garlic stuff, so let's dig into some of these meats! Oh yeah! Please fill my water.

Thanks! Good thing I love chickpeas and hummus, in general! I was nervous about these grape leaves.

I've never had them before; they're good! We're just hitting 20 minutes in.

Ifthis was a thick bed of rice, I'd be super scared, but it's a pretty thinbed of rice, so I think we're gonna get it, but let's get some of these meats down now! We're 26 minutes in.

We've got all thebeef down and now we just got the chicken, a couple falafel, the fries, and allthis rice.



That's what this (big spoon) is for! Of the three sauces, this red stuff is definitely my favorite! [Arthur] It's ketchup.




[Randy] Ha! No it's not! (laughter) 33 minutes, 45 seconds in, onlycarbs remain, so I'm going to do the fries next and then finish off with all this rice.


Let's get this rice down! Luckily, we don't have to chew, it's pretty much just put it in your mouth and swallow.

It's a lot of rice, but we're getting it down! Trying to beat an hour.

Ugh I've got to get this beer down, too! They threw in this pistachio baklava, butit's not part of the base platter.

That's a dessert you can order! If I have room, I'm gonna take it down, but it's not part of the hour.

Done with the food, finishing it offwith a nice Almanza! 40 seconds left to finish, even though I'm paying for it anyways.

Oh, that (Almaza) is good! Ahhhh!!! The advertisement for this thing said it fed 4-8 people and I was figuring that probably 4, and I'd be able to do it, but oh, that was so much food, That took me way longer than expected! I really likedeverything, but especially enjoyed both of those shawarmas.

The beef shawarma and then the chicken shawarma, and then the beef kafta, they said it was called, along with that red sauce, delicious and, of course, loved the falafel! if you live around theSpringfield area, you definitely got to check them out! That was some awesomeLebanese food! And if you don't live around the area, hopefully, this video made you hungry and inspired you to the point where you wantto go out and support a similar Lebanese small business near you! Thanks for watching!!.

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