16 January, 2021

Kauai Food Trucks & Cheap Eat Restaurants You Can`t Miss!

Hey and welcome to our channel this weekwe are going to be sharing some of our all-time favoritefood trucks and cheap restaurants from our trip to Kauai.

You definitely don't want to miss them! For those of you who don't know us, I'mDavid, I'm Cayleigh, and we run our travel and adventure blog called Made to Travel.

We're passionate about activities that get you outside and off the beaten pathand as it turns out we're pretty passionate about good food andespecially cheap food options too yeah Don't forget to subscribe and hit thatbell to be notified when we post a new video every week.

Alright so topping our list of food trucks in kauai isKikuchi's we think that we're saying that right we messed up so many othernames it's ridiculous anyways um japanese style steam buns is what theyare known for and oh my gosh we've never had a steam bun before but the one thatwe had was filled with pulled pork and some marinated veggiesand it was melts in your mouth to die for yeahso make sure that you go and try the pulled pork steam buni don't really know how to i'm just gonna go for itit might not be pretty Next up on our list number two spot iscalled Anatta's Thai street food and it wasdelicious it was actually some of the best Thaifood that we've ever had and we've been to Thailandyeah yeah and we are obsessed with pad Thaiso when we saw this place had to hit it up and it turned out to beone of the best ones we went to the pad thai was uh delicious that's really good that's some of the best curry I`ve ever had for sure.

Number three on our list iscalled Da Fazenda it is a Brazilian food truck and iordered hawaiian uh barbecue chicken and itcomes with a huge salad and garlic rice so i'm gonna dig in.

All the food wassuper fresh it was traditional recipes and they hadthis homemade like hot sauce remember that hot sauceoh yeah that was so good i put it all over my dish yeah i didn't even get adish here which was a big mistake because after tryingCayleighs it was yeah i missed out big time i'm prettysure we went up three times to get hot sauce actually we didthank you Da Fazenda for the hot sauce just sauce it up that was such a big bite it's so good So number four on your list is a Mexicanrestaurant so we just got two Al pastor's tacoshere on Kauai, they got fresh fish in today i got a fish burrito Cayleigh got achicken burrito got some nachos we went surfing thismorning so we're starving and we're ready to jump into this Number five on our list is Scorpiciatta`sNeapolitan pizza and you guys they have dairy free pizzadairy pizza for Cayleigh this food truck was fantastic it's inKapa'a and all the rest of the pizza was sofantastic too i think this was the first place that wewent to second yeah and we were yeah we were kind of blown away yeahright after we kind of got off the airplane and it was not too bad at all.

Okay number six onour list um i wish that there could be six numberone spots but i'm very personally passionate about um holeygrail donuts they are vegan taro donuts they're sobeautiful they're like decorated so fancy sobeautifully and they were so good it's our last dayhere in kauai and we stopped at holy grail for breakfast doughnutsso good um go in the morning and get some for breakfast you will not bedisappointed good start to the day yes Hanalei bay hadsome of our favorite restaurants while we're in kauaiand hanalei pokey is one of those places they had a variety of different types ofdishes veggie tofu fishand they're healthy and they're delicious and they're big we've been ona three-day hike so fresh food is really exciting and it looks really goodwe also stopped over at the aloha juice bar which is rightnext door and their smoothies are to die for in thesame parking lot as the hanalei poke is aloha juice bar and they hadeverything from smoothies juices um acai bowl it's a great place to juststop in and get a smoothie or breakfast what smoothie did we get itwas so good it was peanut butter nutella bananayeah and almond milk and it was out of this worldit's like a dessert smoothie we specialize in those yeah thats our kind of smoothie so shaved ice and hawaii is a big thingshaved ice big thing in hawaii we just hit upjojo shaved ice in kauai and supposed to be one of the better ratedplaces but i got the root beer float hereit looks pretty delicious it's so big you could just get the small size oh that's really good though reallyreally good it's kind of like a slurpee a little bit okay so that sums up thefood trucks and um in oahu we just ate at foodtrucks yeah but in kauai there was some really reallygood um kind of cheap eat restaurants that were similar in priceto the food trucks yeah and we didn't feel like we could leave them outso here is a list of five of our favorite cheap eat restaurants that youshould definitely not miss in kauai.

i get so excited just thinking about hanalei baypizzeria because you guys the pizza like their dairy-free cheese wasprobably the best dairy-free cheese i've ever had it was possibly better thanreal cheese which is it's hard to do yeah it's hardto do we are at hanalei bay pizzeria for thesecond time this is the only uh restaurant or food truck that we'vehit up two times! It is my favorite uh place that we've eaten inall of hawaii they have the best dairy free pizza so we're justwaiting for our pizza they're busy tonightand can't wait i probably could eat thereevery day.

David was like no we should branch out i was likedo you want to go back to the pizzeria just do yourself a favor, eat there.

so when i think about kauai first thingthat comes to mind the incredible hiking second thing nomburgers so good it was my favoriterestaurant here in kauai i couldn't believe it likewhen we saw this place for the first time we kind of drove by and we're likeoh we gotta go to this place it's really good really highlyrecommended and we drove past it again and jumped in there and itis phenomenal and it's so busy it was packed we were in there yeah ithink they're open from they're open for breakfast andlunch so it's kind of like um southern comfortfood yeah kind of with the twists huge burgerseverything's cooked in-house they have a variety of selectionsyeah and the drinks too they had like a crazymenu of alcoholic drinks of milkshakes umand the owner actually was our bartender and she wasamazingly sweet yeah so if you're in kauaimake sure to stop at nom burger because you're never gonna regret it yeah youwon't be disappointed so if you go down to um the southshore of kauai which you should it's really beautifulum there's not as many food trucks that are openregularly some of them have kind of weird hours barely anyyeah we had a hard time finding things for dinner um so we wentto japanese grandma cafe and i'm so glad that it just happened to belike one of the only places open it's small too it's it's easy to missit's a great uh little restaurant here in hanapepe inthe southern part of kauai and they had like tempura they had allthis different uh sushi it is definitely worth stopping by theyhave excellent japanese food and the staff is really sweet too it's afamily a family-owned place good experience yeah yeahso another one out of Hanalei bay yeah all we did was eat there we didnothing else plant a lot of time in hHanalei Bay to eatand surf you can surf and eat eat and surf yeahand soak up some sun before hitting the kalalau tray out yeahbut this one is called pinks and it has an amazing pulled pork grilled cheesewhich sounds absolutely delicious pulled porkpineapple just wanted to say me and Cayleigh stoppedthere yesterday and we got ice cream which is what they'realso famous for and it's delicious they offer milkshakes they have dairy freeoptions which is also really nice you have to stop in on a hot day nothingbetter than some ice cream like how it comes with chipsi'm glad i have some hot sauce gotta have hot sauce with grilled cheese that's so good.

earlier we talked alittle bit about acai bowls in hawaii um they are phenomenal justget yourself somewhere and get an acai bowl one of our favorite placeswas i'm gonna butcher this and i'm sorry it's anakes um it's a juice bar it's the best i can do um and it'sactually inside a supermarket it looks a little bit yeahit's weird you wouldn't expect it when you go in there yeah but it'sactually really cool it's a cool little placeand um they have smoothies and juices and acai bowls and they are all fantastic yeah perfect mealbefore a day of surfing or hiking yeah so that sums upthe list of our favorite um food trucks and cheap restaurants in kauaimake sure that you like this video and don't forget to subscribe we've also gotsome blog posts linked below um on food and budget and a bunch of hikesyeah make sure to check out our other videos on our channel we have lots ofhikes in hawaii and some of our favorites areup there so yes the Kalalau trail if you're in kauaiuh you definitely don't want to miss thatif you have good weather so thank you so much for watching and we'll see you next week week.

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