5 December, 2020

Karen Cop Freaks Out After Having To Wait For Food At McDonald's Drive-Thru


Grace and peace family.

My name is Vicki Dillard, and I'm a proud contributorhere on African diaspora news channel.

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Listen, I have a wild story to share with you all.

You all know that we are in aseason that I'm calling Holy uprising, 2020, and we're calling it Holy uprisingbecause of the righteous and just nature nature of our people.

Resisting oppression, resisting persecution, resisting tyranny.

This is a beautiful time becausewe are not going to extent except yet another century's worth of destruction.

It's a new day.

And so you all know that manyfolk have been in the streets, protesting.

Many American cities haveliterally gone up in fire.

It has sparked international outrage, and we have millions of people literallyaround the world that have taken to the streets, um, and are standing insolidarity with us as well.

Um, shout out to the blacknation around the world.

Um, but in the wake of this new world, that's emerging where blackfolks will no longer be the tail, but the head we will no longer be beneath, but above the status quo, your modern oppressorsand slave masters and, and colonizers.

They're not happy about thefact that they're losing power.

And so there they are havingall of these outbursts all over the world.

They're having, um, outburst of white rage.

You know, one writer called it white fragility.

So the latest episode ofthat is this caring cop, this white female police officerit's tripping y'all please Watch this, watch this footage.

That'd to come to the McDonald'sat Love's on the Fort Avenue exit.

And I waited in line to get my food.

I'd already done my mobile order so that, you know, people don't pay for my stuff becauseI just always like to pay for it.

But I'm on my way home from work.

Um, when I pull up to the window, they hand me my receipt.

So I go to the second windowto get my food and I'm waiting.

And I'm waiting and I'm waiting.

And so the girl comes to the window and asks me what my order was.

I repeat my order and my coffee, um, order.

And they asked me to pull upbecause my food's not ready.

It's uh, an English muffin meal witha hash Brown or coffee.

And I mean, I hadn't eaten since probably about, I mean, I've been up for very long time, but I haven't eaten in a while.

So I was kinda hungry and I'm stillwaiting and I'm still waiting.

And they asked me to pull up.

So I pull it forward in, um, a girl comes out with my coffee andjust the coffee and she hands it to me and.

Window down.



And that's how she ends me as the coffee.

So I told her, I said, don't bother with the food becauseright now I'm too nervous to take it.

It doesn't matter howmany hours I've been up.

It doesn't matter what I've done for anyone.

I'm too nervous to take a meal fromMcDonald's because I can't see it being made.

I don't know what's goingon with people nowadays.


But please just give us a break, please.

Just give us a break.

I don't know how much work it can take.

Cause I've been in this for15 years and I've never, ever had such anxiety about waitingfor McDonald's drive through food.

So just to have a heart.

And if you see an officer, just because I don't care, thank you enough anymore.


All I want is just my name.

This is crazy.

Tell me to tell me what you tell me.

Tell me the truth.

Is this crazy? This Carrie, this Becky, this and Lillian Gretchen It's in a McDonald's line.

And so, because she only got her littleBedford you look off and what have you? That was it.

She said, because the little McDonald's clerk, she's in a Mac Donald's drive through, let's get the context, right? She's going to McDonald's drive through.

And she, because she's a police officer there, she's so used to her white privilege.

And because this cashier, this little, this little McDonald's work, cause I didn't tell her thank you because they weren't droolingall over her because they didn't treat her like she was a superstar.

She is literally havingan anxiety attack in the draft room about the rest of her food, I guess, or whatnot in the wake of black folks, fighting for their lives in the wakeof police officers being exposed.

Many of them as being rogue, deceitful, liars, and killers, we're not making it up.

We got all kinds of footage.

You got police officers.

That's telling white supremacistorganizations where tohide so that they don't get hurt.

During the protest.

You got police officers being bustedin a black congressman's office, several police officers, they believe at least 13 police officers, white police officers burstinto a black politicians office.

I believe it's in Chicago, broke into this office.

Y'all while the city was being looted, they were eating his popcorn, drinking his coffee.

They were reclining laying on his stuff.

And then when they were done, one of them had the nerveto leave a dollar tip, a dollar tip in thisblack politicians office.

And so the mayor of Chicago had to comeout and condemn them and demand that those police officers come forward.

You have seen video after video, after video, after video, after video of white vigilantesand white police officers and white law enforcement collaboratorsopenly murdering black folk.

So people are not happyabout police at this time.

Black folks haven't been that becausewe know that the Patty wagons at the police got their start as slave catchers.

That's American history.

And they continue in the same spirittoday as if they're a catching a slave, watch this.

So she is freaking out driving, going through a drive through, and she is having a nervous breakdownabout eating the rest of her food.

Now listen to what she said.

She said, she's never had an anxietyattack about getting fast food.

Y'all y'all this is great.

White privilege is out of control.

One of the, one of the, uh, scholars called that, uh, white fragility it's ratchet.

She said, as she's crying as it's Becky is cryingit's because somebody hit her is because somebody violated her rights.

No, she said in the wake of blackfolks being openly murdered by people like her, that carried the badge becausefolks are tired of that.

And they're resisting.

What's what she said.


She said have a heart.

She wants us to have pityon her and her team members.

And she said, why Steve did y'all here.

She said, tell her officer, thank you.

She said, give us a break.

Her white privilege is showing.

She said that she was hoping she can'twait until this whole thing just blows over y'all she wants everythingto just blow over everything.

Meaning us calling forjustice for black genocide in America.

This white officer is crying in a McDonald's drive throughsaying that she just wants this to blow over so that shecould eat McDonald's and base this white lady.

This white fragility iscause white supremacy, but it's fragile.

She wants all of thismurder and bloodshed talk, a black folk, holding cops accountablefor murdering black people.

She just wants that to justblow over so she can eat her.

McDonald's in peace family.

Hello, white female supporters are out theretweeting and on social media talking about this is a shame how she's beingtreated after giving 15 years of service.

The thing about white supremacyis I can lost man black family.

You make sure you protect yourself.

You made sure that you are wise.

You make sure that you continue to unifywith other powerful black people and other black, powerful black organizations, because our collective wisdomand our unity is the greatest weapon that we have.

I just had to share this ridiculous story.

They endeavor to insultus by fucking focusing on BIM and that little pathetic anxietyin a McDonald's drive through.

She wants us to have mercy on her because folks saying, suck it up the cops anymore.

And because this McDonald'sdrive through worker, didn't tell her, thank you.

She wants us to focus on thatover focusing on black bloodshed and Beth y'all people that are human.

They don't say stuff like that.

And I'm just gonna leaveit right there today.

Think about that.


My name is Vicki dealer and we madesure that you follow me on Twitter at Dillard Vicky.

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The link will be in the chat.

That's miss Vickie, tb.


Family love you so much.

Family, a hold the line, stay strong black family, the pain that we're feeling.

Don't forget.

I've said this plenty of timesbefore these are labor pains, we're birthing a new nation family.

So we want you to stay strong beloved, and we want you to love your own support, your own and family leave membersof the dominant society to themselves because clearlythey have lost their, I love you ma.



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