21 October, 2020

HSN | Project Home 05.08.2020 – 01 PM

[Music] [Music] well TGIF hope you have a great weekend plan with friends and family of course socially distancing but still hopefully maybe getting together for a little gathering especially as we celebrate Mother's Day this weekend well we have a great present whether it's for Mom whether it's for dad whether it's for the entire family because we're gonna not just spruce up your house we're going to transform your house you can do it with a coat of paint you can do it with our today's special [Music] you know there may be other paint sprayers on the market I am absolutely positive there are but this is from where Wagner is the number one consumer brand when it comes to innovative tools that are all about applying paint that's what they're known for and that's why what you're getting is so special today because the quality of the Wagner is that above all the rest it goes on evenly it goes on quickly it doesn't doesn't drip at all it's easy to clean and it's so lightweight it's just over three pounds just a little bit shy think of three and a half pounds but what we're doing today is giving you an incredible value and I mean incredible you're getting the entire paint sprayer okay you've got your container right here this is what's gonna hold the paint so simple to do but then we're including on top of that the detail finish paint spray nozzle that's included with your cup a $40 value and you're also going to get five of your cup liners which frankly are just they're nice to have 559 but you will love having that because all you do is just take it out and throw it away and then you don't even have to clean up on top of that we're gonna do $20 back it's a rebate so that when you go to buy some paint then you're gonna get $20 to spend it's a mail-in rebate that we have available for you so all of this at $99.

99 understand typically just the sprayer just this is typically one forty nine and some change so to get all of this today you will be able to do any kind of project that you can possibly imagine we're gonna get you inspired because we have Lou Caputo who is skyping in with us today showing us some of the projects that he's done but you know Lou the thing is inside outside any Sun you're gonna have so much fun and you're going to like I said earlier this isn't just about taking it and making it look a little better paint just a coat of paint can completely transform something oh completely yeah I mean that's the thing about this is that it'll make anything look different and it's gonna make the jobs go a lot faster and the show that to you right off the bat before I explain any of the features I'm gonna paint this door I want you to see how quickly absolutely crazy completely the paint is coming out of the door everything done in this door how long would that have taken with the brush and roller well exactly and then you have to cut it in there and in a lot of times especially in those little panels because I painted a lot in my life I love the way a fresh coat of paint looks in a house but yeah sometimes it'll gather it'll pool it'll puddle it's hard to clean in terms of your roller you're the container that holds the roller that holds the paint all of those things are difficult this makes everything so easy so you'll use it and you know you showed us in our last presentation how you just paint even even something from clay you can do your outdoor furniture you can do your beams you can do anything that you can paint and completely make it into a whole different look and you know I think years ago Lou it used to be you go to the to the hardware store and it was kind of fifty shades of white right there is a rainbow just this plethora now of all kinds of colors that are fun that are exciting that are really beautiful such a pretty finish on the walls so it is also affordable no no and that's the thing about this is that the price is amazing and this is the most powerful Wagner sprayer that we've ever offered the Flexi o 2100 is exclusive here to HSN and it's fully customizable and what I mean by that is you're in total control when you use this I'm going to show you some of the features on this real quick before I paint this wicker chair for instance right on top here this has a two-speed turbine it is the most powerful Wagner we've ever sold this dial right here allows you to dial in the volume of pain how much pain am i putting on the surface that I'm painting I can use this to either put more or less depending on the job with this style right here I can control a narrow stream versus a wider stream so you can do very very straight and narrow or you can wine it out and cover a very wide area these two pieces here on the front I call these the dog ears what they do is they decide what direction I'm going to paint in so when they are aligned vertically I'm painting vertically when they're aligned horizontally I'm painting horizontally it's that simple to do and then the trigger on this is totally pressure-sensitive so the more I squeeze the more force the more pressure that's gonna come out of it but let me show you how this works real quick okay we're gonna come over to the chair right here and I'm going to turn it on and I want you to watch and see how quickly I can paint this wicker chair now wicker chair can be a nightmare Alice just because you know you've got all the voids in here all the nooks the crannies the grooves that prevacid all these little things that will make you absolutely crazy when you're doing the regular job so it turns into a really really big job when you're doing it but with your wagner and look at this with the plexi oh now I'm going to change the direction I'm going to paint and watch this come straight down here get that leg done come up the other side look how quickly we can do this I'm gonna finish up this arm right here and again this is a job that typically if I were doing this in the real world this would probably take me the better part of an afternoon to paint one piece of wicker furniture and we're done look at that very quick very very easy to do and that's what's so cool about this and one-pass is gonna cover the whole thing because we're injecting air with the paint this is gonna dry faster to out so you'll be able to sit outside and enjoy this beautiful colorful chair even sooner you know that's a great part about it is it does dry so fast and and the thing is because you did it so quickly if you want to change your mind you can change your mind again as many times as you want because I think I don't know how many times I've flipped through a catalog maybe you've done the same thing or walk through a store and you thought you know I wish I wish this chair came in this color it can come in any color you want but if then decide well maybe not maybe that was a little too much okay little golden or whatever they all you have to do is come back over here and back down to white and especially I think blue this demonstrates the kind of coverage you get because white every color usually takes a couple of coats you're right you're not putting any primer down that's the thing you're going right over that's great with the paint let's do 2100 allows you to use paints undiluted straight out of the can no need to mix in any water right there so you're getting the full potency of that paint when you put it on there and it's doing a great job I mean you're actually getting between all the slats and all the wood on that chair you're not gonna have to go back with a brush and stipple anything but you can see because see I gave you a little before-and-after now okay before look at the coverage you get and you know what I don't know how how tight we can get on this I just want you to see them but there's not a lot of drops or anything else like you can typically get them exactly trying to get a roller to really do an even coating on the wall is very challenging this is simple and easy it's affordable you're gonna have such fun with it and you're gonna just you have the time right now do the projects that maybe never considered and I think we have so much inspiration now with some of those shows where they completely transform these homes and what's the worst thing to do pick the paint yep that's it and that's what's gonna make the biggest difference the fastest tube you're looking to to upcycle furniture and make it look new paint you know if you're thinking about getting curb appeal for the house paint so many things that you can do quickly that are gonna make a massive difference and the Flexi know 2100 is a tool that's gonna let you do it faster you're gonna use less paint product to get those jobs done and it's gonna dry quicker too you know at the end of the day you can complete any job five times faster with the Flex Co 2100 then you could with a brush and a roller I mean think about that what would you do with that five extra times of time that you saved there's so many things you can do now if I'm having to paint something outside right about this time of year I mean I got projects I want to do outside is not necessarily where I want to do them right now because it's hot outside here in Florida very hot and it's very humid so if I can get it done faster I'm gonna feel good I'm gonna paint a piece of raw wood here this is a fence and the thing about raw wood is like it's a sponge when it comes to any top covering that you put on this it's just gonna suck it right up I've actually got this paint cup filled and this is one we call the I spray the larger paint Cup is filled with stain stain normally has to be diluted but I can go full potency with the with the wagner flood Co 2100 watch how fast I can do this entire fence and it's actually kind of amazing because like I said the wood is gonna suck up a lot of this but we're putting enough on there that it is a complete coating and it's even getting in between the slats which I love so every pass that I'm doing it is absolutely doing it completely look at that total coverage all the way on this I love the way that that look and I love the fact that I'm not gonna have to come back and go over it again so if I've got a really big fence that I gotta cover guess what I'm gonna be able to do that in a fraction of the time that it would have taken me and I said that you can say five times the amount of time using your flexi oh well when you're doing something like this that's really difficult to do it exponentially multiplies how much more time you're gonna sit now look at that Al's imagine if you have to do a whole backyard fence how quickly you could do it with the Waggoner you know what a couple of hours you could knock that thing out and look at that coverage that's what is so impressive this is the way that you're gonna be able to paint all those things maybe the trim around your house is looking a little stale maybe you just want to change the look of your chairs whatever it is you're gonna be able to do it and we're giving you the detail nozzle in addition to your traditional nozzle you're getting the detail nozzle which is a $40 value you're getting your your traditional sprayer and don't forget lightweight just about maybe just shy of three and a half pounds three and half pounds so you're gonna be able to get high and low and anywhere you want to go and then in addition to that you're gonna get five of your liners so you put these in and then you can just throw them away so you don't even have to to clean the container and we're also including for you $20 it's like we're like we're handing you $20 cash to go buy some paint okay so that works as a mail-in rebate you'll need to mail it in but why not take the time it's 20 bucks you know the other great part about this is the fact that we're doing a very special promotion right now as well so we just launched this promotion today if you have not signed up for our HSN credit card do it today okay do it today because we're doing a $40 special so when you sign up for the HSN credit card and you're approved you can then take $40 off your next purchase this would be under $60 with the detail nozzle with the full-on flexi oh the most powerful with paint sprayer that we have ever brought you with all of the extras and you can get it home for under $60 if you just want to if you already have the credit card or you don't feel like signing up today it's still a tremendous savings because this piece right here is typically just about a hundred and fifty dollars we're including that the detail nozzle the $20 rebate as well as the bags all of it $99.

99 and flex payments $25 are you going to show us how to use that the detailed nozzle next I'd love that one that's my yeah this is the detail nozzle right here and it's it's a smaller unit only holds a little bit over a half a quart but it's for those finer jobs we need even more control then you're gonna get with the I spray the larger one and a half quart Cup it comes with this as well so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna paint the spindles on this railing first and then I'm gonna paint the deck and I'm gonna show you how easy it is to switch these out go from one to the other okay so first I'm gonna turn on my flexi o 2100 and watch how fast I can do this I'm just gonna come in right here and look at that beautiful complete coating and what's nice about this is I don't have to go over this again you know I'm not gonna have to take a brush or a roller and go in between every single one of these spindles because the flexi oh is doing a job right there look at that total coverage on this and remember what I said earlier this could be latex paint it could be water-based paint it could be stained it doesn't matter the pleaseö doesn't care look at that and we're done now I did that I painted that entire railing right there or at least those three spindles and you saw how quick and easy that was now watch what I'm gonna do we have a system on this we call lock and go and all I have to do is press down right here and I can rotate the turbine and pull that off so the handle piece comes off by the way when I wash this all I've got to wash is this part I don't have to wash the turbine or the handle five parts five minutes it's crazy simple to clean this now I'm going to put on the larger one this is the one we call the I spray and that just clicks right into place like that you want to make sure it's nice and firmly seated and what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna paint the deck now watch this because this is a job nobody wants to do in the summertime but you know what it makes it look so much better watch how quickly I can do this and it's putting out a really great amount of paint right there we're getting total coverage in just one pass look at that we're gonna make short work of this one I can tell you right now such a Couture look it just elevates the whole look of that little area I mean we're gonna mend it's difference that's why I call it transformational this isn't just a little you know well it's a little brush-up it's something new it looks completely different that's the beauty of painting but who wants to deal with all that mess and and the time and the bother the cleanup yeah not me and that's the thing about this it's not only gonna get the job done faster you're gonna save money on paint you're gonna get that job done quicker it's gonna dry quicker and I keep saying that because that's a big deal to me I want it to be done and I want to be able to use whatever I painted but then the other part is the cleanup you're seeing right here five pieces five minutes that's how it breaks down you don't need any tools to take it apart that whole nozzle on the front there you just pull the pieces out we even give you that little brush that goes inside there to clear out the tubes and then it just snaps back together again it could not be any easier to do this look at that and you're back out in the road ready to either use another paint color or you know if you're smart you bought a couple of the extra paint cups that we're offering today just because I like that idea so I can just switch out colors and by the way those are the liners that are available as well that are actually not available they're coming with this today you're gonna get five of those liners so if you've got those you're not even cleaning out the paint cups that's what's cool about this now if you're a crafter and my wife Kelly is a huge crafter by the way she's directing and running two cameras right now she's doing it all when she saw this and she saw the detailed cup that comes with this she lost her mind because this detail nozzle just allows you to do so many cool craft projects because you can use chalk paint on this as well if you want to so painting furniture for upcycling things all kinds of stuff here we have a pot and you know like when you're talking about clay pots and things like that anything in a bisque finish like this it soaks up a lot of paint watch how quickly I can and you're gonna be amazed at how great this looks because you know it gives a complete coating on there and we're putting so much paint on there and look at that I've got total control of this as I'm coming around here and all I'm gonna do is just dip it down a little bit get the bottom of this done here and one piece there and we're done and look how beautiful that is and I just did that in a couple seconds and that's why crafters absolutely go crazy for this because it's easy to work with it's manageable it's not heavy like you said before it's just under three and a half pounds for this unit alone then you add a little bit of paint to it you might be around four pounds or so very easy Alice for anybody to work with but when you look at what you're getting today I mean this reflects see oh this is this is the most powerful one we have ever brought you at the best value including that detail nozzle I mean a $40 value there $20 that you mail in and get a rebate when you go to buy some paint but the beauty of this is that you will use it that's what's so nice about it it is so simple it is so easy and you're gonna have it really is it instead of dreading painting you will look forward to it you really will it's just I can come right along here and just completely cover up that kind of yellow color and make it and turn it right back to a fresh white bright for spring/summer so any color you want customize it you know the beauty of what we're we're able to do now we get such inspiration from from these shows right you you go and you watch all their shows you can get excited about them but do you really do anything because you know what I don't have a sledgehammer I'm not going to take the balls down but you can paint you can paint and you can make a tremendous difference in your home inside outside any side yeah and what you got to remember is when you see those home improvement shows there's an entire team of painters that they have working for them or carpenters or whoever it is but the difference is when you have your flexi o 2100 you are that team of painters you are that person that can do any job indoors outdoors I don't care if you're upcycling furniture you're painting a fence you're doing the entire exterior of your house which is a job that I've got on my docket right now I'm thinking about doing that once I got the Flexi I was like wait a minute I've got the power now to tackle a really big job like that Plus remember you've got that two-speed turbine on here when you put this thing on the second speed of the turbine my gosh it puts out a tremendous amount of force and it's gonna do those big jobs but let's talk about doing an interior wall cuz a lot of people they ask me can I use this inside the answer is yes you can you want to make sure the windows are open and you're in a well ventilated area okay and if I were indoors and not in a more enclosed space I'd probably be wearing a mask – okay but in this environment right here I can paint this wall quicker and it's gonna dry faster so if I have to go around the whole room by the time I'm back to the first wall it's already dry okay watch how fast I can do this though alright and this is actually I love doing this I'm gonna go horizontally and watch how fast I can go across here complete code here the problem is it almost ain't sooo fast they don't have enough to do that's why you were saying earlier about people looking for other things to do I'm telling you right now look at that you are gonna look for projects to work on because it is this fast and it is this easy in a couple minutes that's gonna be dry unbelievable it is such a well-made product don't forget this is Wagner okay that's that's the company you want to buy from that's the quality that you're getting today this is number one when it comes to a consumer brand that produces innovative painting products okay Wagner Fleck CEO is the most powerful we've ever been able to bring you and typically if you just buy it all by itself a stand alone $149 in the store so instead of doing that today let us let us include for you that detail finish paint spray nozzle included with the cup a $40 value you will have such fun with that you are gonna have a blast going through all those little nooks and crannies and and really getting some of the smaller smaller things painted that you might want to do we're gonna include for you five of your liners I was wondering do we sell additional liners because if it were me I'd want to buy a whole big box of them I love these liners because you put these into your can and then you just take it out and you just throw it away so it's simple and when you go to order paint we're gonna give you $20 it would a mail-in rebate so that you're gonna get $20 back if you send that in I mean the value is outstanding but I'm gonna I'm just gonna dock the eye across the tea okay you ready because if you sign up today we just launched a brand new promotion with our HSN credit card if you haven't signed up for it and you sign up today you will be able to spend $40 on your next purchase and if it's our today's special then you're gonna get this home for under $60 and this is something that you will have year after year after year after year this is not something that you have to replace this is a machine that is so well crafted that you will enjoy using it in the spring in the summer and Lou we're gonna go back out to you just because we have about maybe a minute okay I know you can get a lot done in a minute I'm gonna paint a louvered door in a minute and this is something to take you the better part of an afternoon watch this watch out quickly I can paint this door look how quickly we did that we finished that whole door and you know that if you were doing this with something other than your Wagner flexi o 2100 you'd be taking a brush and stippling and going inside of every single slat on this and that's not something that you have to do when you're using the flexi oh because it does have that air that it pushes it through with and it's gonna dry faster you're gonna use less product but more importantly you're gonna get better coverage on the entire job and you're gonna do it five times faster else how many ordered on the day oh I don't know 5600 ordered on the day so we are just about halfway through our quantity for the entire day make sure you don't miss this it's a great time to pick it up the best value you will find anywhere and one of the best painters Lou great to see you you too all right you're gonna be a great paint or two because it makes it so easy it almost paints itself well we are coming down to summer and maybe you're headed to the stores getting some supplies well this is our D best folding stair climber dolly clever design see the wheels make it so easy for you to go up and down stairs most of us have have some stairs in the house you may not have a two-story house but those stairs leading up to to the front door you still have to get up that this is going to do it but instead if we used to have a little cart now look at this it's a dolly you will love having that because you can put as much or as little as you want 2695 three flex payments and we are going to welcome in Carrie Mobley who is joining us via sky hi Carrie hi nice to see you you too my dear and especially when we get to take a little peek inside your home which has some stairs in it well that's so funny you mention that I don't have stairs at my house so I'm at my beautiful friend Jasmine's house she has a gorgeous staircase and that's what this cart does best how about a cart a dolly that can go up and down the stairs so easily how it can take 70 pounds up and down the stairs but as a dolly it can hold 200 pounds yet it only weighs 7 pounds it's got a nice soft organ AMA cool handle that really protects your hands and if you don't mind I'm just going to adjust the camera just kind of show you how it does up and down the stairs this is awesome what I love about these three wheels on each side and the reason that's important is because as you're going up and down the stairs you're always going to have two points of contact on each side really allowing you that balance that safety and that security it pulls down so nicely I'm just gonna kind of show you I can pop this so now we have the handle that goes down and then this toe plate which is absolutely very special if I click it perfectly then it is able to pop up as well so this makes for really nice storage you know it really you will find this to be one of the most practical things one of the things you use the most you have that dolly now so that but look at how clever that is it really does work it makes it so easy so that even if it's a big box maybe you're doing a new mattress whatever it might be I do have a TV coming up in my next hour that you have to see to believe this TV is the best price I've ever seen on one of our big screen ultra high-def so definitely tune in and staying stay with me for that but you can see how easy this is to be able to navigate it and to fingers and you can lift it up so nice and lightweight but it allows you to be able to do maybe you're getting ready to do your mulch mm-hmm I used to have a house oh my gosh I did so much mulch and that mulch was so happy you're gonna be able to put it on your dolly these are real concrete okay this is a full water bottle you can put all of this right on there be able to take it anywhere but everybody has some degree of stairs even if it's just a curb that you have to get to and carry that's why this design makes so much sense and makes it it's so easy to get everything you need wherever you wanted to go yes so and that's the thing Alex you know a lot of these carts that go up and down the stairs they have the toe plate which is this part right here it's kind of like a Facebook platform they have it behind the wheels and so that means that it's not able to be flush onto the floor what's great about our deep s and by the way if any of you I haven't heard of leave us yet please check out the customer reviews this is a brand new product that we have here and it's fabulous like all of the other D baths are this is buying to be a wonderful wonderful customer pick best price that they have anywhere right now so the reason it's important to have that totally is huge back right the reason it's important is because if you want something that's close to the ground and it's heavy all you have to do is slide it right in that means I don't have to pick up this 70 80 pound suitcase I can simply slide it on there pull back and now I'm on my way lightwork it only weighs 70 pounds you can use up to 200 pounds if you're using it as a doggie but when you go up those stairs 7 the counts that's incredible so this is steel and polypropylene so this to me is we're talking very high quality we are talking going to last you for years and years it's going to reduce the stress on your hands it has that flushed toe plate and it's collapsible and portable if you want to go up and down stairs if you don't have to wait for somebody to come and help you the best part about this is that you can do it on your own those three wheels like you're seeing here on each side that's spectacular and that's exactly what you're looking for with a stair climber because without those three wheels on each side outlets now we're going to start to deal with an imbalance a lack of safety and security and I just think about all of us who possibly have a trip that they're hoping to take and you have your bedroom upstairs and you pack your suitcase to the max what are you gonna do slow it down the stairs it's always really difficult to do but with this and these great meals you are going to be ready to go and I know you guys have a lot of options there I just want to show you one more time how easily this collapses we just put a little hook right here so super simple we just unlatch it it folds back and then you simply lift and now even your toe plate can come right up this will be a lifesaver to you all of you that go to the supermarket right you're needing water I think right now a lot of us are going to the supermarket yeah often than we might and you might want to pick up bigger items from like those big box stores well that's great but when you get back to your house if you live in a condo or an apartment how are you going to be able to get this spring a car into your house into your kitchen well that's why the deep best dolly trolley is the way to go I have a really really heavy jug of water as I see you do there as well Alice and it just slides right underneath it because of that totally smooth all terrain you know I know you know this Alice but I also a professional gardener do you know how all of those glaze pots are the super expensive heavy glaze shots what are the splurge during this long and garden season and you want to get them to the backyard these wheels are all terrain you can easily slide it right underneath that pot and get it back now what are some things that are a little top-heavy I typically use a bunkie and you can get anybody that you need in this case it's just put my hand on the top and while I keep that so it really didn't require a lot of strength at all but if you were concerned about it work something very valuable you might just want to scrap it any of the budget but this toe clip down here again I just kind of want to show it to you it is well yeah we'll be able to see again those three wheels on each side it's a curb right like I have a front doorway now of course like I said that my girlfriend Jasmine's house this has got a beautiful staircase but if you have even a little step up going into your house from your garage this is gonna be an awesome way for you to get those heavy things up and actually and I know you're watching something else but I'm really gonna bring the camera back over to the stairs to give you that example of how goes up and down and why having three wheels on each side is better than two at all times to peel are in contact so now we're talking about security safety and 70 pounds what is your boxes and you're moving and you have all of the the books that you are packing up from your library this is a perfect way for you to transport them without worrying about safety security and it's the best and I'm telling you this is the best price you are ever going to see this and I'm just really excited to be a part of this product line well Carrie the truth is if you just bought a dolly if you just bought a dolly for twenty six ninety five you go oh it's great but we've sold some of the other contraptions contraption right we've sold some of the other designs that will climb stairs and more at a higher price than this to get both of these features both of them at twenty six ninety five is a really nice value and I think you're gonna find that you will use it on those little steps whether you have two steps or twenty it's really gonna save the day hopefully thank you so much Carrie it's great to see you my pleasure thank you so much Alice can't wait to see you again I'm glad you told me about the suitcase I hadn't thought about that I should yeah cuz the suitcase wheels are terrible right oh gosh alright well listen we are going counting down to summer but summer Sun can be brutal we're gonna take care of that in just a minute great here on HSN HSN customer service is excellent always Pleasant professional the customer service is excellent the customer service reps are always very helpful and very friendly they're always very accommodating they're always very quick customer service has been consistently good and it's reliable it's like talking to a friend and you're going shopping with a friend and you're like oh I want one of these and then sometimes I'll say wolf but have you seen this ended up buying more than what I called in for but it's a win anyway get the best deals on the things you love with the HSN card as an HSN card VIP you'll get all kinds of perks like 12 month VIP financing on select items plus extra flex on beauty jewelry qu and fashion purchases all day every day and at least eight VIP savings events a year includes fraud protection and there's no annual fee apply now and instantly get $40 off when you're approved call one 800 695 1/4 1/8 or visit hsn.

com / HSN card you can't afford not to be brave it's not even an option when life puts a wall in front of you you break it down remove the fear remove the uncertainty be authentic they say fortune favors a bowl I've involved all my life and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon [Music] here at HSN we base our retail values on nationwide information retail value is an indication of the price you would expect to pay for the same or similar item elsewhere not the price at which you'd be able to sell the item prices do vary around the country so ours might be different from prices in your area for more information call one of our customer service reps at 1-800 to 8 for 3, 900 [Music] we are counting down to summer here at HSN but what comes with summer but that's strong summer Sun well we're gonna give you some protection easy quick the solar guard sunshade and frankly it is so good-looking it's really impressive so we have the solar shade sunshade Universal windshield cover $19.

95 we're gonna do three flex payments if you want to split it up and we have three color choices on top of that that are absolutely gorgeous I mean this is like high design for your car so we have it available this is going to be your rose gold look how pretty that is we also have it available in traditional gold and then we also have it in your silver as well I think one of the things you're going to love about it it's so lightweight some of those others big bulky thick you don't use it if it's difficult and this is a great design Lynda Lyday is joining us on the phone hi Lynda welcome back it's great to hear from you hi Alyce boy do we need that today it is really sunny here today yeah we cat already already this is a different design that I've seen in the past I've seen so many that were heavy that were thick that were difficult you had to deal with putting it on the inside this one just goes right on the outside yes that's good so this is the way this works so if you've ever had any of those ones that you kind of pop up on the inside of the car well guess what the heat has already come into the car because where does the heat come in the point of contact which is the windshield so solar cart stops the heat at the point of contact now remember this is going to keep your car 55 percent cooler just think about that then you would then it would whip out something now it's gonna block 99 percent of UV rays and I mentioned that because UV rays have a tendency to what they crack our dashboards they start to wear and crackers steering wheels they crack you know the seats that were sitting in so this is literally you can think of this as a huge umbrella for your car that where the with a sheet comes in and that Sun and the UV rays come in now we all know what it's like to come from the beach or the store and we have shorts on and the moment we sit in I don't know about you but I have five barreled right out of my car really fast and so is my puppy dogs by the way my puppy dog jumps on my lap and then I hold him and I jump out of the car because the seats are that hot the same thing with the steering wheel if you use the solar guard you're going to you are going to see a huge difference now what keeps it in place is you have these fit back system v that system is these elastic bands that go over the side mirrors right and then you have the safety tab or I should say the security tab and when you open the door that's what keeps it in place so if you are at the store or you're you know look I don't know about you but my car is not getting a lot of mileage right now and it is sitting in the Sun there's only so many cars I can put in my garage for our carport right so a lot of our cars are staying out in the Sun this is a way to protect your car remember a car can heat up to 40 degrees in an hour and you just showed that and and just think about that that is why we make sure that you know you never put a animal in your car you know because we don't really think how fast that can happen but it can happen really quickly it can happen really quickly this is $19.

95 you are gonna love the way this looks I think some of the others that we've seen in the past Linda have been just really you know an unfortunate design but we love it because we want to keep that car cool this is the way to do it it will look good it is affordable at 1995 you have your choice the silver we have the gold and then we have the rose gold as well I've never seen anything quite as high design as this and it's gonna block up to 55% keep your car up to 55 percent cooler that's gonna feel so good I have in fact branded myself yes I know exactly what you're talking about when you sit down in that seat and you're like and it's just your skin almost sticks to it because it's so hot I'm just gonna walk over here so that you guys can take a peek at and how this actually looks on that gold against the black is just it's actually stunning isn't it but Linda tell me because I saw in the video it looks like it works with trucks it looks like it works with an RV does this one size fits all well no you have two different sizes also the standard this is the new 2020 design so it's a little bit bigger than the last year's design of the standard now that's gonna fit nicely on your compact cars your sedans your small SUVs I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee an older version I use the standard for the extra large think about your minivans your large SUVs and your trucks the other thing that you'll notice too is it has that apron it kind of goes down it curves down at the bottom and that is designed to protect your wiper blades because the one thing that breaks down your wiper blades well if you're up north you know that the salt does but in the summer the Sun does so I have paid a lot of money I think I paid like fifty or sixty dollars for a pair of wiper blades like really good wiper blades and that's what I like to do wanna make sure the middle wiper blade kid like you know handle at least give me a year but I can I can do that with the solar guard yeah you know what $19.

95 you get this home you'll use it immediately immediately and and look at how simple this is again you're gonna get this great coverage it goes right in the door you just simply open the door and then this comes right around your mirror so this isn't one of those big installs where you're trying to juggle those things that are there somehow I don't can never figure out how they how they get back together once you take them apart for anybody who seeing some of the other shades in the past they just don't work very well this is so lightweight that you will be able to do this in a matter of seconds look at this this material again lightweight so that you're not fighting with it you're not carrying something heavy because let's face it I mean you're looking at like maybe six feet across here probably four feet in terms of your width so with some of these other items that that other designs you have this big bulky thing and then you have to store in your car this is almost truly like the size of an umbrella okay it is that thin and it is that designer look at that isn't it gorgeous okay I can't believe I'm saying that about a solar guard but it really is it's almost looks like AB like a parachute material or something I'm going to show you the back of it because I want you to really be able to see that it's beautiful but very lightweight but it gets the job done and boy when you keep out that that summer Sun it is just it's so powerful it is so painful when you get into that hot car you just don't want to do it this is the way you stop it the other thing that's nice to doing multi stop and I just if I have the groceries in the car and now I have to go pick up a prescription or something this is really nice for those those things too because remember you are stopping the heat as a point of contact and that is your windshield you see the windshield when it gets hot it turns it into an oven your car and we all know that because if you've ever I know what you're talking about the kind that you have to fold up on the inside of your car but there's kind of spring loaded I've been smacked in the face with that one time but it really doesn't keep the heat out it just doesn't keep the heat my seat is still hot whenever I've ever used those like hearing wheel is still hot and especially where we're down or de Arizona California I mean you think of all the lower states – and the upper state listen up in New York it would be blistering hot in this in the summertime this keeps a car 55 percent cooler then this is third-party testing and if you didn't have anything at all remember it's gonna block 99 percent of the Rays you have that fit fastest and that goes over the side mirrors and you have the security tab also the security tab aren't just for you know somebody who has sticky fingers and really likes your the solar guards that much do they want to take it but it's also cool when the winds start to pick up right well one of the things that I loved about this is that we've had so much pollen pine sap tree sap that has come down there is nothing like rolling this off your car moving it clean imma stick with birth clean wheels windshields anyway and this is what it turns into so easy to store in your car you will use it you will love it you is lightweight and it looks good $19.

95 you choose the silver the gold or the rose gold thank you so much Linda we appreciate it stay cool Thank You Alice thanks everyone all right listen we have one more item we want to share as we get to ready for summer and we want to remind you about our special that we're doing right now which is our HSN credit card if you haven't signed up for it yet when you sign up for it and you're approved then you're gonna be able to take $40 off of your next purchase and that even applies to our today's special so if you haven't ordered our to stay special yet you could get could get our today's special tip the paint sprayer you could get that home for under $60 absolutely a great buy today so if you can take advantage of that I think that you will enjoy having that savings for sure but right now we are going to get very serious about something fireade has produced a really clever design it's a non-toxic fire extinguisher we're going to give you two of these so that if something happens if you need to put even if it's just your fire pit you're gonna be able to do it any matter of seconds and this is effortless as opposed to some of those others that we can even figure out if they're they're still working or if they're still valid or not $27.

95 is going to be our price we have three flex payments available as well let me introduce you to the gentleman who created this run and is it run Tim's or run yes Ron Thames that Tim gave Thomas work you just call me don't be late for dinner I'm fine no doubt about that well you are right on time with this product because it makes so much sense I have a boat so when it comes to having fire extinguishers you take it seriously I don't care if it's a boat or a house or an RV or a condo you need them in your house but a lot of us don't don't can't figure out how you use them and especially not in case of emergency Alice I'll tell you you just hit every topic perfectly I couldn't believe I mean it's almost like you'd right here with me you had every topic that I wanted to discuss and what we're gonna do is show the customers and show the people at home to think of fire and fire safety something that you don't you don't think about you don't think about oh my goodness what is it gonna do that's always – it will show you a few fires here in just a moment and Alice we're so excited to offer this on HSN it's clean and you know what when people start to think about fire and fire safety we hope you never have to use it but when you do you want something that's gonna take care of each and everything that you have in front of you show you something else how clean it is all over the place this just cleans up very easily you just have the area was of the emergency so I'm gonna show you right here on the set because wrong what we did is we we started a few fires as well it's just a spray bottle I need that you have to do just point and you are good to go right that's a really nice long stream as well so you don't have to the fire the rapid cooling of the product is in the industry and here's a good part we're live television smoke out here we can't you know you can't plan this this is awesome it couldn't be any better but look how cool that's the advantage of using our product it's going to give you the cooling of nothing on the market today it's exactly right and we're gonna give you two of these 2795 run how many applications each for the batteries are perfect that is a perfect question because the one I just used on the campfire we still have product remaining so you can place that on your counter and if you have to use it again no problem you just use it till it's empty throw the can away we think of everything recyclable oh so smart $27.

95 yeah maybe you never have to have to use however you don't ever have to use it if you do need to you have something I had a friend too who had a candle and littered her curtains on fire half of her condo burned before the fire department get there if she could have just taken this and sprayed it maybe it would have been a completely different situation if we need to have something in our homes this is this is the product that makes sense this is the product that you will grab because you won't be intimidated by it I think that a lot of times Ron you know that with fire extinguishers some of them expire exchangers but they themselves can expire you don't even know I mean who goes and checks that on a regular basis but the thing is you just push the button and aim that's all you have to do and you know I want a point on the applications of where the products good for all types of natural what is the piece of natural cotton wood things you don't think about also grease fires incredible and you can use it out around the garage area whatever but if you have a situation the way the product works is the unbelievable cooling and the reason I want to show this flare this is a situation of having cooling okay and the cooling I'm putting my finger now this is not to illustrate we're gonna stain which flares this is to show the cooling of the product how efficient it is for you on all types of fires curtains and think about the children and your grandchildren and everyone come back to college what a perfect gift this could be just for all family family members we have a beautiful 2-pack I had to go you know what I couldn't agree with you more Ron I was even thinking about maybe keeping it in the car you know exactly exactly that's where it blows if one in your car and those of you this just joined what I want to tell you we're showing you a new way to think about fire safety unlike traditional firefighting or fire extinguishers this is what you go to use right because you know when you're in those situations you don't want to have to try and figure something out I mean that is just too difficult what you want is to be able to pick something up and just spray it and that's all you do with this extinguishers because uh because I have a boat I've done the research on fire extinguishers believe me and they have to get inspected and they have to have a certain certification and everything else current still I'm not even sure in case of emergency if I would really know what to do or if I would freeze this is something that every single home should have you should have in your car you should every person that you care about should have this handy it's just that perfect solution if something does happen maybe you can get it out before it gets too terrible you know the perfect thing about this I should take you along with me what I'm doing presentations over where you've had every single point that was a Girl Scout most people don't think about the National Fire Protection Agency who governs the fire industry says there's actually around 470 cook cooking fires in the kitchen daily daily Wow now you think about that a moment I'm not trying to scare everybody to death these are just realistic numbers and having fiery look at this we have designed a whole new application for you all you have to do is put your little finger and push that's it like you said Alice let the product do the work for you that's all have to do we have taken the warrior we have taken aggravation out we have taken where's the play at Penn is it ready to go we know here's your hairspray boom that's all you do that's why it works you know and and I did have a question run because you were mentioning the kitchen fires and everything else what about what kind of fires does this work on will it work on a grease fire for example those are the tough ones oh those are the alligators of this industry they'll come up and hurt you come up and bite you and when you have a three fire what you do you just spray it spray the pan and just let it circulate in the pan just like I'm doing right there and it just goes in puts a nice smooth blanket on the grease and it cools it inside that is amazing amazing that you were able to think of a product that it is truly so important well thank you and we're gonna give you two of these $27.

95 I can guarantee you if you go shop for a fire extinguisher that you will not pay thirteen or fourteen dollars for a fire extinguisher this is going to work for you and those in the in case of emergency when you don't really want to have to to try and figure something out who's got time to read directions then exactly perfectly about that curtain fire something happened that you were not aware of or a grease fire a popcorn someone's forgets about the popcorn goes to the microwave open the door boom there it is you do not want to miss and in cleanup you don't want to have to worry about that just how fired around easy to use look at this new head this is technology we spent years on the pressures perfect it has a low indicator in there when he is in the can to show you this end of grain of the red we have taken all of the worried and those of you just tuning in we're talking about changing your thought process on fire extinguishers and fire safety I liked about safety 4th and fire extinguishers the word fire extinguisher can worry you or scare you to them what ok we're going to show you one more little fire over here here in this what and class I said it's that easy let the product do the job and let us supply you with two bottles of the product so maybe you keep one in the kitchen and maybe you keep one in another part of the house this is the perfect solution though to available for you 2795 run always great to see you thank you so much safe last night thank you so much send to you all right we will now give you a little bit more information on our protection plus program.

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