16 January, 2021

How To Make Cappuccino At Home

[Music] hey guys Alex from European Cup in Japan in this video I will show you how to make cappuccino at home without using an espresso machine here is the thing if you want to drink perfect cappuccino or flat white pick a cafe from our website and let the professional barista made it for you that's what we do 99% of the time but sometimes you want to experiment rather than saying no to all milk options or building the espresso setup at home let's figure out what we can do instead with the equipment we already have so that's what this video is about this video is sponsored by bottle the truth is that you can brew espresso katomina Nespresso machine however since we will mix coffee with milk we don't need all the properties of real espresso to achieve a good tasting cappuccino at home let's start with choosing the right coffee as always you want to use a freshly roasted coffee but this time you might look even to the espresso roast category because you will dilute coffee with milk you want to pick coffee with the higher body that you can taste through the milk today we'll use Columbian coffee roasted by double-shot in Prague it's from Finca Bellavista owned by Carlos in bachi it's a sweet coffee described like plums sugar cane and lemongrass the next question is how to brew espresso strong coffee think about coffee strength as a percentage of coffee in the total brew it's much higher for espresso somewhere between 7 and 12 percent to filter style coffee that is typically between 1.

2 and 1.

8% in the espresso machine you achieve higher strength by applying high pressure to extract coffee quickly and by brew ratio that's typically between one to two and one to three coffee to water to achieve espresso strength without an espresso machine we need to adjust brew ratio and increase the extraction by adjusting brand size adding agitation increasing the water temperature or extending the extraction time eventually all of it combined for this video though we decided to use the bring method that most people have at home already and that's french fries we get this one from bottom and it's a from a legendary chamber theory here is our recipe we use 30 grams of coffee we grind it fine that's about 16 clicks on commandante at 100 milliliters of 98 degrees Celsius water stir it for 20 to 30 seconds and then let it steep until four minutes thirty seconds then we put the plunger down and pour coffee into the game we get 30 to 35 grams of body the next thing is milk let's face it there is more milk in cappuccino dammit coffee we should be as careful in choosing and preparing milk as we are with coffee only one is fresh true fat milk that is delicious on its own we got one from a local farm of the Nimitz family now we need to heat milk to the temperature between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius for our cup we use 150 militares of milk that we heated in the microwave oven for about 40 seconds if we go over 68 or 70 it negatively influences the taste it's more complicated to create a microphone and it's too hot to drink it straight away the last step before mixing it with coffee is frothing the milk we will use balloon Schamberg milk further to do the magic but you can use also a regular small French press or I mean try shaker or kitchen mixer to create the desired structure of the milk the goal is to transfer power of the milk to the microphone it took us a while to figure out the right way to throw the milk and our conclusion our method was to actually start with three to five presses that go from top and that introduce more air to milk and stretch it a little bit and then continue with 15 to 20 presses where you don't go over the top so you stay inside and that way we have a really nice milk for our cappuccino now it's time to put both ingredients together we can put directly from bottom milk frother but if you want more control over pouring and even think of learning or practicing latte art you should consider getting the picture I have to admit that I really suck at latte art and since I wanted to show you in this video what is possible with simple tools – what kind of cappuccino and latte you can do I invited our colleague Jakob who is much better than me and he will show us how to do it right there of course was it let's do it [Music] there are many lateral tutorials on YouTube they will help you to start we are not really experts but the most important is to know that pouring happens in two stages in the first stage you put more milk and mix it carefully with coffee and in the second stage you pour more micro foam into the cup and eventually draw a latte art [Music] thank you guys for watching we hope that you enjoyed this video let us know in the comments if you liked it if you learn something new and if you are interested in trying or if you already try it and we would love to know what was your experience thank you again and I will see you in the next video very very soon bye bye [Music].

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