16 January, 2021

Heatmaster SS MF Series Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces

Retail MF Series Video Are you tired of high heating bills? Are you tired of big companies taking yourmoney every month? Are you tired of barely making it? It sounds like you need to start burning wood, not money! [Either text or show a couple stressing outover paying bills] Heatmaster ss has been helping people savemoney while reducing their carbon footprint since 2001 by building high quality, highefficiency outdoor furnaces using only the very best materials.

[Shop/yard footage]At Heatmaster ss, outdoor furnaces are all we do so you know when you buy our productswe have taken the proper care to develop and build an outdoor furnace that will give youa lifetime of warm, lasting heat.

And to prove how confident we are in our furnaceswe stand behind them with our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

[Show shot of buildings and plant tour footagehere?] Built in Manitoba Canada, where we know cold, we have combined our experience with innovation to become a leader in outdoor furnaces.

Our MF-Series furnaces are built using ourtime tested design giving our customers the most for their money.

Our customers get the highest quality materials, more features and more square footage for what they pay.

[Show outside shots of the furnaces]Each MF-Series furnace is durably constructed with 409 Titanium Enhanced Stainless Steelwhich has been proven to last longer than other metals in outdoor furnaces.

409 Stainless steel has will hold up to heatbetter, resist corrosion and avoid warping and cracking better than mild steel and 304stainless steel [Show data in chart for steel comparisons and/or a rolling picture of asheet of steel] Every MF-Series furnace comes equipped withthe most popular features on the market today.

Heavy duty rocker grates, stainless steelash pan, forced air blower, large round firebox and heavy duty insulation all come standardon each MF-Series furnace.

[footage of grates rocking, ash pan beingremoved.

Should we use an animation to highlight individualparts/features?] In addition, MF-Series furnaces are equippedwith many safety features to keep you and your family safe.

Our easy to use digital control system keepsyour water temperature right where you want it.

Our double catch door locking system preventsblow back and makes the door easy to open and close for anyone.

This latch is also lockable to keep childrenand unwanted guests out.

[Show stock footage of a family happy together.

Mom, dad, kid(s)]The E Series take the MF-Series design and help our customers save another 20-30% ontheir wood! These furnaces come with all of the featuresof the MF-Series and add the efficiency that can’t be beat in a multi fuel furnace.

[Animated diagram of the e series cut away?] These furnaces use an additional exhaust bypassto capture more heat and get the most heat from your fuel.

What does this mean for you? Fewer trips to the furnace, no money spenton heating and the ability to use any type of biomass or coal to heat your home.

[Text?] That’s right; our MF Series furnaces arethe ultimate in biomass versatility.

Besides easily installing to heat your home, garage, shop, barn or commercial building it is a true Multi Fuel furnace.

Wood, coal, cob corn, square bails.

If it sits on the grates it will burn! It will even burn your green or rotten wood.

[pictures of these fuels.

Do you show someone loading their furnace?] These furnaces are so versatile they can beused to heat your domestic water, pool, hot tub, pressure washer water and clothes dryer.

[Can we show pictures of stock footage ofthese structures? Show pictures of installation.

If we use my installation I will have to doa clean up to make it look presentable.

] All of our furnaces are proudly sold and servicedby Heatmaster ss and our nationwide dealer network.

Our dealers carry the expertise and suppliesto professionally install your furnace.

You can find your local dealer by visitingwww.


com or calling 877-325-9792.

[Show pictures of employees, office, dealers.

Phrase “We’d Love to Talk to You” displayed? Show website and phone number]Conclusion So say good bye to high heating bills andsay hello to the most versatile, feature packed outdoor furnace on the market today.

[Happy couple now or use text/picture/footageagain] We only have one question for you: What willyou do with your extra money? [use font to emphasize this line.

Repeat website and phone number]Burn Wood, Not Money! [I have an idea for this but it may be a differentvideo.

You could have each word “land” on thescreen with the appropriate sound and have a manly voice say “Burn Wood” loudly anda weak voice say “not money” meekly.


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