6 December, 2020

Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge! *EATING GIANT GUMMY SNAKE* Gross Worm Real Food Candy

three two one yummy bunny wait no no I tell the guys that let Adam go in our previous to gummy versus real food videos a bummer was the most requested thing the devil's got some big bunny [Laughter] right now number two reintroducing the ability to either keep them

or switch them so Devon right now you want keepo or switching one session i want to keep it oh alright here we go 3 2 1 this is suggested by mega Helton so shout out to you if you want to be the Instagram keeper than we can be

shattered out in one of these videos check the description down below to find out how but bro not cool no oh my gosh dude I know horrible experience with lemons I just got lemon juice in my eye toward the insane yeah I didn't like that at all no

alright little the RFP so Devin I think you guys eat yours first and then is it good mmm is actually super sweet okay no it's not alright here we go bro you've got a squeeze it into your mouth just licking it isn't anything either that or actually like

biting off a chunk of it oh come on liquid yeah then on this spider bro okay and then squeeze it right dude you're actually crying all that birds Brogan's ish thank you thank you bro oh I thought I was helping but Oh again and to finish it off

oh I didn't say all three bro tap out Oh pop out okay let's go this is my second discriminant this one smells funky funky funky funky funky bro they done of this area just smells really gross my turn right now I give you the switchover keep them I've

never had good experiences with switching em I'm gonna keep it I don't want to get whatever this is horrible look at these tiny so cute there's some I don't look like normal eggs though no those are like not hard-boiled weather let me smell weird no we had a

pickled pig's foot nothing was nasty cold eggs pickled eggs is that the month that's gotta be a thing how is that a thing it's like two of the worst bells hard-boiled egg combined with pickles no you gotta eat that Devon right bro I'm doing it you gotta do

both with the same time bro not just one I don't fit that in my mouth yes you can bro just to it this what yes you can no I don't believe in you okay bro is he getting high ones go jump this up and then the other one

right all right here we go three two one good but first we've got a challenge for you guys we want to see you can subscribe to this channel turn on the channel post notifications and give this video a thumbs up in seven seconds here we go 7 6

5 4 3 2 1 done you could do that comment down below keeper squad right now a lot of people who are able to do all through those things in seven seconds but right now no more stalling Devin all right daddy both of them here we go one

diet over here man we just found out that these eggs are actually six months expired why would you feed me then am I gonna die I'll do the next round you were jealous so we bought the five-month expired pickled a smelled horrible this stuff smells even worse ten

times worse whatever this is smoked so disgusting so this is Devin's turn you can either keep them or switch them what would you like to do the trouble is the whole house smells terrible and I can't tell if it's coming from here or from that one but I

think I'm just gonna switch it your Swift I had good luck with switching all right here we go I really hope I got the gummy 3 no short meet oh my gosh dude you're about to eat a predator of the ocean poor shirt dude white walking towards me

pull up and you get a good whiff of the stuff the worst thing about the smell is there like a sharpness to it you smell it and like if you like it cuts your nose like on the inside like oh so I'm gonna get my shark right now

oh dude oh yeah sure this bridge oh yeah I'm sure that's great oh my gosh yeah we're gonna back on the back so far yeah I'm sure they're okay so like all the best part the deal yeah just keep rubbing it in don't walk on there I'm not

looking forward to this all right here we go oh my god three two one yo what bro this is great what yo this tastes awesome and sniff smell though if you inhale any smell do Oh smell it tastes great but the smell like once you walked it in

through your mouth there's just no filters is no filter it's just oh great it did I believe me it tastes great it's just the smell okay alright bro it is your turn do you want to switch them or do you want to keep them bro you know I'm

always feeling big drawers let's switch a bro alright major go cow-tipping yeah these are awesome they're so cute I'm gonna play a game right now this is the opposite of cow-tipping that's called cow flipping here's how the cows lift works Devin you throw it up I throw it

up if you get all of them in a row and new rule we have to do it another 15 seconds over here we go are you a yellow let's get stuck my fingers get so difficult here we go oh my gosh here we go [Music] [Music] okay all

right your turn right now do you want to keep them or switch them you know I've had a really bad what bro I have no idea I'm just gonna I'm just gonna stay who's gonna keep it why here we go three this is leading up to the finale

after this one is the big one you're all waiting for the snake but right now you're a joke are you great or what yeah yeah oh I can these are slugs I have never done this before bro I am I'm Tommy gone wrong I like this one I

cannot do this what dude bro you've done spiders you've done sardines like how much worse is a slug I can't even describe how gross there's no I'm not eating this bro I draw the line at whatever their fancy word for a snail it's a slug Oh an escargot

it's a soggy is that a cargo it's a slug okay if you get one skipped that means I get one skip coming up in the future in another video at any time right is every four slides if slugs come up with other videos dollar then you can do

it this run is the worst ride we've ever done first of all too real slug I ain't even that say the balls II feel like the cheapest gummies there's not even gummy this crack that's not there like a hybrid yummy yummy and a hard candy I am very

very disappointed and unsatisfied with this round but luckily there's one more round which hopefully will I will satisfy us let's go here we go the final round of welcome all been waiting for a snake three two one right but first you want to feature it in our next

video comment down below and let us know what are some real foods you want us to make into giant gummies but right now let's do this three two one yo what are they little mates yeah these are some well no do we know how the first one way

you have a giant gummy bunny bunny so – they probably smaller three two one

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