16 January, 2021

Giant Mystery Egg! T-Rex Dinosaur Surprise Toy & Family Fun Outdoor Challenge with Toys for Kids

– Man! Why do I have to dino dutychores on such a hot day, man.

Phew, hey my shovel! Shovel! Now all I need is my bucket.

Ooh, there it is! Aha, get my bucket! Phew, man it's hot.

Hot, hot hot.

Ooh, here it is.

It's getting a little stinky around here.

Ugh, there's my first one.

It's a baby dinosaur too.

T-rex, oh yeah T-rex.

Oof, oh my goodness, that's stinky.

Foot, what's that? Another foot, what's that? Huh, no more foots, that's good.

What is this? Oh wait, hey it's my dinosaur! I've been looking for this toy everywhere.

Man, T-rex must have got it.

Now I've gotta wash it off.

Aw, I'm standing in it, aaawww! Now I've got to wash my feet, ew.

Hidden treasure.

Here we go.

Put it on.

Let her rip! Whoah! Oof.

Aha, ooh that's better.

That'll get the job done.

Oh full blast, whoah! Ugh, there we go.

Three, two, one, hit it! Oof, whew, that'll do the job.

Job well done.

Whoa, what's that? I gotta go check it out! Whoo! Ba ba da da! Oh, that hurt.

Whoa, what's this? – Oh hey Park Ranger LB! It- wait a minute, I thoughtyou were doing dino duty today? – Well, I've pretty much finished.

– Oh okay, well that's good then.

Because it's a SpongeBobgiant surprise egg! – Yeah! – Cool.

So I figured, you know, since you're busy working, and it's really a hot day today, that, you know how SpongeBoblives under the sea, we could do some SpongeBob toys, and some other water toysto help us cool down! – Yeah! – Cool, okay.

And, lookie here.

We've got a bowling set, so we're gonna have a little challenge, and whoever can get the bestbowling score each round gets to take a toy outof this prize egg, okay? – Yeah! – Okay.

We can't wear our park ranger uniforms for opening cool underwatersurprise toys, can we? – Ah, no! – We've got to change intoour swimming gear, ready? – Yeah! – So, on the count of three.

[Both] – One, two, three.

– Hey! SpongeBob! – Patrick! – Patrick, oh I'm Patrick.

Do your SpongeBob.

– Hi, I'm SpongeBob.

– Okay, we've got our swimming gear on, so now, let's take thebowling pins and set them up, and we'll bowl a round- – Yeah! – .



or at least justone, and whoever wins gets to come in here and grab a toy, okay? – Yeah.

– Let's go! Okay, park ranger LB, youready for a little bowling to see who gets to takethe toys out of the egg? – Yeah.

– Okay.

Oh, you got a strike dude! – Yeah! – Okay, now I got somereal competition here.

Oh, you even put a dentin that one man, wow.

Okay, they're all set up.

Now watch the bowling master here, okay? I really should go get mybowling shoes for this, but we'll do it barefoothere on the pool deck.

Here we go.

– Oh yeah, bowling master.

– Oops.

The ball is a lot lighterthan what I'm used to.

I'm used to like a eight pound ball.

That was like about an eight ounce ball.

Let me borrow yours.

Here, throw it here.

Okay, now that I'veofficially weighed this ball, and I know how much I'm dealing with, now I'm gonna do it, okay? (pins clatter) Oh man! – Ha ha! – You won! – Whoo! – That means you get to openthe toys in the egg, okay dude? – Let's see what's in the egg.

Wow, it's some mega boxing gloves! Let's open them up.

Whoo whoo whoo.

– Man, these things are huge, aren't they? – I don't care.

– Ooh.

Oh wait, mine's not on yet, I'm not ready! – Ooh.

– Ugh.

– Oh.

– Oh no, mine fell off! – Oh it came off!- Times! – I can't reach you, it's like one of those nightmares that you have where you can't reach the person you're fighting.

– Aah! Ugh! – Whoah! Didn't you take Taekwondo so you could deal with the raptors, huh? Show me those Taekwondo moves dude.

Ugh, ooh! Ooh, that was a good one man.

Come on, bring it on.

Bring it on, oh! – Ha! – Oh no! Come back.

How about that right jab there? How about the left jab? The right jab.

The left jab.

Yeah, it's the eye of the tiger baby.

– Ugh.

– Aah.

– Ugh, mm, mm.

– Aye!Gah! Umph.

– Ooh.

Okay, let's go see whatelse is in the egg.

– Whoah whoah whoah.

Wow, a Zyclone! What does it actually do though? – Hey, let's open it up and go find out! – Yeah! – Uh, I'm not totallysure what this thing does, but it's like a launcher.

Okay, you put that on there, and then- – Pull it back, and let go.

– You pull it back and you give it a little bit of, like, a quarter turn, and then you aim it, (both) – and then.



– Ooh, whoah man, that was cool! – You got it in the tree! – Try not to get it in the pool, okay? Ooh, oh, it didn't go in the pool! Good job man! – Hey, it's a SpongeBob fishing kit! Whoa, it's something big, reel it! Hey, it's a Mosasaurus.

A Mosasaurus, I caught a Mosasaurus! Let's get out of here.

– So this is the SpongeBoblittle fishing rod here.

Do you want to go fishing? – Yeah.

– Okay, so we've got topick one of these lures.

So, which one do you want to pick? You know what a lure is, right? – [LB] Yeah.

– That's to attract the fish.

So, pick one.

– SpongeBob.

– You wanna do SpongeBob, okay.

So, you remember how to cast? You press the little button there- – Yeah.

– .



and you hold it, and you go whoosh, like that, okay? – Yeah.

– But you be careful, because you've got a dangerous hook on the end there so.



Go for it! – [LB] Ooh, that was a good one.

– [Aaron] Now it saysto wait five seconds.

As it sinks, and turns into a fish.

Reel her in! Hey, you got a big one there! It's a.



pink sponge.

See how far you can throw Mister Crabs.

– Okay.

– Hit the button.

Go for it.

Where'd it go? Not very far.

Oh, Mister Crabs only ended up right here, on the first step.

Reel it in! Hey, you got another pink one.

– Whoosh, like that okay?- Okay.

– And let the button gowhen it's like in midair.

Where'd it go? Aw, it went even shorter than the rest! Here, if you hurry, here, oh wait, where'd it go? Here, you can stillthrow it down to the end! Uh oh.

(LB laughing) – Come here Sandy.

Come on, oh, I've got a big one! It's a big one man! Wait wait, I've got totake up the tension.

There we go.

Ah, I got her back! – Hey! Give me the rod! – Reel her in, reel it in! Sandy, man, come on, we're gonna rescue you! – It's a big one, aah! – Oh, it's a blue fish.

– Wow, it's the amazing Aqua Rockets! Let's open it up! – [Aaron] Cool.

I think we gotta try thatone in the pool, don't we? – Whoo!- [Aaron] Let's go! – Jumping in time.

– Okay, Park Ranger LB.

Here is the Aqua Rocket.

I think you put thislittle rocket on here, and then you just go whoosh, like that, in the pool, and then it launches it.

– Okay?- Cool.

– So you go try it for me, okay? (splash) Aw, you missed.

(Aaron laughing) – That was the most I could do.

– [Aaron] Come one, yougotta do it faster man.

Here, let me try onehere, I'm gonna try it.

(splash) Where'd it go? (LB laughing) Where'd it go? Oops.

I busted the rocket launcher.

– Whoah, it's a SpongeBobpineapple house play set! Let's open it up! Yeah, biggie! – Here is the SpongeBobpineapple play set.

Man, this is pretty cool.

– Wow.

– So, it's got like alittle toilet chair here.

– That's not a toilet, that's a chair.

– I know, I thought itwas a toilet, sorry.

And then, you've got SpongeBobover here on his lift.

And then, Gary, we know a Gary don't we? – Yeah.

– Yeah, we do.

Oh, SpongeBob's bed up here, with some underwear on it man! – Oh, underwear! – Like, little whitey tighties there.

So he lies in the bed and, uh oh.

Oh, and then he's got hislittle boat right here.

You pull that back and thenit goes, a little boat racer.

– Beep beep beep.

– And then you launch him! Ooh, he flew out, and so did the bed.

– Oh no! – Oh, there goes the car.

See, we'll pull the tv out, and then you can change the channel.

Check that out.

I'll let you play with this, and see if you can figure outwhat else it does, okay? – Yeah.

– Okay cool.

– There we go.

Nice cooking.

We're going up.

Cock-a-doodle-do, it's morning, yay! – Cool, did you havefun playing with that? – Yeah.

– Okay, did you know that youcan fold the whole thing up? – Yeah.

– There.

Let's go see what else is in the egg.

– Yeah.

Hey, it's the food fight SpongeBob and the food fight Patrick! – Food fight Patrick andfood fight SpongeBob, right? – Yeah! – So you're SpongeBob and I'm Patrick.

I guess he's launching, like, potatoes or something? Is that what those are? Is there a button? – Ooh, I got ya!- Ow, man! Here, launch it! No no, you got my potato! – Aah! – Oh, no no no no! Here Patrick, take one for the team! (LB laughing) I think that's everythingthat's in the egg dude.

– Yeah!- Yeah.

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