16 January, 2021

Fried Street Food In Kenya • Tasty

[Music] hi I'm Cano and here's how to make my favorite fried Kenyan street foods mandazi are these little triangular shaped Donuts they are eaten across the entire country but the way people make them vary slightly depending on what spices they use and what kind of lemon are they

is some people don't use any spices some use cinnamon I like using cardamom cardamom is definitely more common in the coastal part of Kenya but honestly it is one of my favorite spices to bake with this type of mandazi really varies depending on which part of Kenya you're

in on the coast it's really common to you something like coconut milk where inland it's actually really normal just to use water or even milk good mandazi unfortunately are really tough to come by what you really want from mandazi is it to be soft mandazi can be really

tough it made improperly what can lead to tough mandazi is not using a good leavener or an expired leavener or not having too much liquid if you can find in the market a really soft mandazi I am telling you you have hit the jackpot you can eat mandazi

any time of day but it is most commonly had in the morning just as you would any other doughnut it's most commonly served with Kenyan coffee or chai mandazi and chai are the most perfect breakfast match you can have it plain some people will put a little bit

of jam on it it's really whatever you like but mandazi on their own are so addictive and so delicious and it's very hard to have just one but Gia's are an Indian import to Kenya they are really common to have in the major cities so you'll have it

in Mombasa as well as Street markets in Nairobi the blend the spice is used to make bhaji is also varies from person to person I like mine just to have like a little hints of spice there's many different types of but Gia's you can have you can have

it with onions and like herbs or some fried greens but my favorite and probably one of the most common ones are potato the perfect size I cut them is an eighth of an inch that way they're still firm and they're not too thin like potato chip if your

potatoes are thick they might not be all the way done before your batter burns they are insanely delicious and packs with so much flavor it's served usually with different types of chutneys I like a tomato chutney you can find chips AKA french fries all over the entire country

and kind of people say chips instead of fries because people speak British English rather than American English now I've seen masala chips made three different ways I've seen a dry masala rub where it's a dry spice blend that's tossed into the chips which are really similar to just

like a seasoned french fry however my favorite type of masala chips are the ones that are tossed into a sauce now this sauce is really simple to make using just a couple ingredients that are the biggest variation I've seen in making masala chips comes down to the tomato

I like using fresh tomatoes only because I prefer a less sweet masala chip but it's really common to find vendors using a ketchup instead of the tomatoes I will note though that Kenyan ketchup is not the same as American ketchup man it is hard to beat that whether

you call them samosas or sambusas these little triangle shape pastries are found all over East Africa the Middle East all the way to India the Kenyan style of samosa uses a really really thin dough and is most commonly filled with spiced beef Kenya loves its meat yama toma

which is Kenyan barbecue is the national food of the country you asked most Kenyans what their favorite food is the answer will be meat samosas can be found in street markets but honestly the place I have the most are gas stations penny gas stations are more than just

a place to fill up your petrol a lot of gas stations actually restaurants or cafes attached to them there you can find really delicious Toma chicken and chips as well as samosas and I'll tell you probably the best most I've ever had came from a gas station one

thing you've noticed about a lot of street food in Kenya is that even street vendors will have places for you to sit down and enjoy your food of course there are places where you can kind of have portable items where you can like walk and eat but it's

not that common the culture to walk while eating doesn't matter whether you're in a market or a restaurant people prefer to sit down and enjoy their meals it's very common to find street vendors with small tables and chairs right next to their stall for you to enjoy the

food to actually serve it on reusable plates rather than disposable ware because doesn't matter whether you have walls around the kitchen or not people like sitting that enjoy meals together the most labor-intensive part of samosa making is really making the dough from scratch it's a very simple dough

just with some flour water and a touch of oil but it can be quite time-consuming so a little hack my family and I have our egg roll wrappers I kid you not they work fantastically because they are super thin all you have to do is cut the egg

roll wrapper in half diagonally and use it in the exact same way you might not have time to make your wrappers from scratch and it's totally okay people love them regardless of what the wrapper is made out of my favorite part of eating the Kenyan samosa is the

squeeze of lime in the end the flavors complement each other so perfectly I'm telling you it seems like an optional thing but it will take your samosas to the next level I kid you not I hope you give some of these recipes a try at home and I

hope you enjoy them as much as I do oh yes

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