16 January, 2021

10 Minute Beginner ABS Workout At Home | Beginner AB Workout At Home

what's up so today we got an awesome beginner ab routine that you can obviously see I'm here in my backyard that you can do at home I know a lot of the at home workouts I'll talk about that I'm at the gym but I call them at home

because you don't need any equipment so it's a beginner routine we got five moves we're gonna repeat each move twice the moves are 45 seconds long with a 15-second break so we're gonna do a side plank with a leg abduction a side knee playing actually so we can

kick work our glutes a little bit work our hips our legs we're gonna work our core all right next move we're gonna move into is gonna be just a regular floor crunch and then we're gonna do a 90 degree reverse crunch with our legs on the ground lifting

the legs up and then we're gonna do a double crunch so we're gonna combine the floor crunch with the reverse crunch sandwich them together and we're gonna repeat all that okay so without further ado get your water bottle stay hydrated drink that water and let's get going take

me away [Music] more hit me with the pain in the staff as I grow turn up the mic gain is I grab what I know I want the right fame just a bass you my flower is like glass is just out of practice maybe your capacities last call

right we live then we die so we might as well try not only get by you're in the sky has brought along enough think it's time now for me to face it all every second gon find us in time now okay no fine it's not okay four three

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fast cuz the winner Robbie's doing it in there so stick a class so it's been written my mistakes never pass going back to the beginning up that's my present and my surprise until they came to my side as they recognized the other doors trying I'm gonna hide what

I got inside our mind and the caster's broke from the best food things never last bad things get a pest got scars on my bearing scratching obsessed if I got love the most that should last at the back so fast that we shouldn't waste that do the head

up in yourself the man you gotta fight back thinking [Music] [Music] [Music] won't be that just his time is two one [Music] five for my hand that you didn't play enough it you can't give a better chance can I land on my feet stand up in the world

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] time is way and all [Music] won't be a good time justice time is and all the racket to stare [Music] never giving up in the real world [Music] i'ma make a song [Music] suede and all [Music] won't be left out a good time be

proud and all the back [Music] five four three us here why nope can't keep me down lost my thoughts for the guy got drowned oh no can't have it now buried so deep I'm below the ground echo where I hear the sound all in my own I can

feel it now unknown so my heart pants cuz I don't understand what happens now oh no I dress in peace behind a lesser me working hard to better me looking back I'll never be let's go recklessly fighting to forget it's me I feel inside it's best to ring

but I just [Music] as I'm here ow myself the newer daily basis we try to Tim you helped me through nest met you're always scared of what happens next I'm prepared so you can't regret I'm upset cuz I waste time i sat at the base my sugar crime

I stopped with the chase and forgot the bride I feel out of place empty inside Oh God I'd never be won't amount to anything got me doubting everything you only know a lesser Peter now my enemy wish you never met with me work until the death of me

so by becoming one myself like nearly breaks namely one [Music] before [Music] and wallet I know it's taking this long it's something I'd um I jump in at home grab on the road but climbing I go I've got something more I wish you could know all the feelings

that I have that you and now I feel like I'm running from myself all the time all these doubts keep on coming while the thing that your mind and this pain can be nothing I don't think I'll be all right if you think that were nothing then I'm

just wasting why don't you just take me back again [Music] and why don't you just tell me I never wanted father again I always wanted wine me [Music] before – one [Music] Wow awesome I hope you enjoyed that beginner routine now obviously it goes to show I'm sweating

a little bit I did feel my have is burning about midway through so just because it's a beginner routine doesn't mean has to be something like crazy advanced like I still use routines just like this to sneak in a little extra 10 minutes because I'm also working on

making a deep mind muscle connection right I want to exhale every single time I do these moves I'll break them all down when I'm doing the side plank with the leg abduction raising the legs up and down keeping my elbow directly underneath my shoulder every single time I

kick I'm trying to blow the air out of my stomach and squeeze my abs tight okay and then also moving on doing the floor crunch basic move but so many times people try and do thousands of repetitions man you don't need to do that all you need to

do is focus on pulling your stomach inside and squeezing your abs tight taking the air out of the diaphragm releasing all that oxygen out of there so you can get a deep contraction in your core then we move on to the 90 degree reverse crunch so basically I'm

keeping my feet at 90 degrees I'm letting them come down to the floor and then bringing them into my chest and then going into the last one we have the double crunch so we're doing the floor crunch plus the reverse crunch I call it a double crunch so

we're doing both movements and that's the one where I really fell to the most because when I'm lifting my legs and crunching at the same time I'm getting an even deeper contraction and as you go through your entire fitness and workout journey you want to become a master

contractor what I mean by that is you just want to focus on squeezing the out of your muscles as hard as you possibly can I've been doing chest presses Jesus for like almost 20 years doing these 70 pound dumbbells I try and make the same weight feel heavier

every single time I do it so as long as you're squeezing your muscles efficiently and effectively utilizing either a some of my workouts or sometimes you'll mix some of your own you're gonna have great results of course if you're nutrition's parent on point and also if you're drinking

plenty of water so if you're new here please go ahead and subscribe click that notification bell so you never miss any of my latest content and you know I say this over and over please go ahead and give this video like it really does help out the YouTube

algorithm and pushes my content out to more people that need to hear about it and have a friend or a family member that could benefit from some of this information please go ahead and send them my way cuz I'd love to help him out and help him make

a change in their lives so again thank you so much for tuning in I hope you enjoyed this beginner ab workout if you'd like again you could run this routine two times through or you can even pair it with some of my other beginner routines okay so until

next time I will see you soon and the next workout [Music] you

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